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Telling someone that you love them and going down on your knees to ask them to marry you has never been easier and it's understandably bound to make you all nervous and shaky. But it's like they say when you know that she's the right one, you gotta do whatever it takes to keep her and spend the rest of your life with her. And oh boy, proposing to a woman is not as easy as it may seem. It requires putting a lot of thought, effort, and love into how you're going to do it to make it as special for her as possible; the adorable proposal videos have set the bars high!

So, if you men are planning on proposing your girl but are a little anxious (obviously) and a bit confused as to how to go about it, what to do and what not to do then hang on with us! We got your back and we're gonna get you through this!

We've enlisted a few dos and don'ts, tips and things to take care of before you go and ask her hand. So take a little breather, take notes, gather the courage and go make her yours forever!

Ultimate Guide to Propose your Lady Love

1. Talk to her BFFs before anything!

We women share anything and everything with our best friends. That's how we are! So before you guys set off with your task, talk to your girl's sissy missies because they are going to help you out in this, throughout! They are not only going to help you plan everything out but would also give you insights as to what and how she would like the proposal to be! And believe us guys, that's a lot of help!

2. Try to dig it out by yourself.

Another thing you can try to dig out what your girl would like is by smartly talking it out with her. Bringing up the topic indirectly in a random conversation or by giving some other couple's example might make her spill some beans about her wishes. Figuring out if she'd like the proposal to be grand or an intimate one is essential. Just don't go too overboard cuz you might end up giving her hints that you're planning something for her. In fact, she might end up catching hints because well, we women are smart. Period.

3. Chocolates and flowers are mandatory!

There are no two ways about this guys. Even if your girl is not too much of a chocolate and flower person, a bit of them is still mandatory and you got to have them. Or better yet, bring her just a small bouquet and a box of cupcakes or donuts along with (if you don't want to do chocolates!)

Source TrustVardi

4. Gift her a hamper of her favorite things.

It doesn't matter where or how you would be proposing your woman, just bring her a hamper or a basket of her favorite things along with. Stuff in that hamper with a few makeup & body products, something from her favorite brand, a few candies and voila, you're good to go! And again, her bff would be of great help here as well.

5. Make it a concept proposal.

Centering the entire proposal around a particular theme is a great idea. And especially if it's around her favorite movie, her dream destination or her favorite series, she would undoubtedly end up jumping with joy! You can also take help from professionals who would prepare and plan the entire proposal for you in the best possible way. Just figure out what its gotta be.

Source Pooja Gupta

6. How about a surprise getaway proposal?

This is one of the most romantic and cutesy ways to ask your woman to marry you. Plan a staycation or a quick weekend getaway to some destination and propose her there. To make it more memorable for her ask her parents, closest family members, and friends to surprise her even more by joining you both on that trip. Believe us guys, it's going to be the best time of her life.

7. Create heart melting proposal vows.

Make sure to have some hearty and 'full of love' words and vows to speak to her while going down on your knees. In fact, this is the time! Just go ahead and speak your heart out. Words hold a power immeasurable so make sure to put your heart and soul into that speech to make it a remarkable and unforgettable one.

8. And don't forget that ring tho!

The size of the rock doesn't really matter guys, even a simple band would do because it's the emotion that matters. But yes, you gotta have a ring cuz that's how you seal the deal, right?!

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So, how are you proposing your lady love?

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Propose Your Lady Love (+Some Ideas)

by Divya Arora

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Propose Your Lady Love (+Some Ideas)