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With the ever-increasing concern for the environment, more and more couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings. Environment-conscious couples are leaving no stone unturned to make their wedding an eco-friendly affair. If you hold a special corner for nature in your heart, let the world know about it and dedicate your D-day to this cause. And before we continue, let us prick the bubble for you already, eco-friendly weddings are NOT boring and unappealing. 

Even though eco-friendly weddings in India have been in vogue for quite a while but it is only now that planning such a wedding is no more a daunting task. There are ample options, more than ever before, to host an eco-conscious wedding. Be it the decor, wedding invites or the favours -  there are so many varied innovations that let you go green for your wedding. The best part about such weddings is that even the slightest of decisions count. Simply replacing party poppers with dried flower confetti can make a big difference and turn your wedding eco-friendly.

So if you are wondering how to plan an eco-friendly wedding, here we list some ideas for you. Below-mentioned is some of the best ways to make wedding eco-friendly affair that are easily doable.

9 Elements to turn your Wedding Environment-friendly

1. Wedding Favours

Distributing wedding favors to guests has become an indispensable part of Indian weddings as well. Right from quirky favours to the ones that your guests will literally use—the options are plenty. But to make an environment-conscious effort, you can have eco-friendly wedding favors like seeds, saplings, plantable paper greetings, bamboo toothbrushes, jute bags, etc.

2. Wedding Invites

To avoid the relentless waste of plastic and paper that come along with printed wedding invites, you can opt for e-invites. Indians are getting familiar with the trend of Whatsapp & Email invites, and these digital invites are no more looked as informal invitations. There is an endless scope of creativity with the e-invite designs, and moreover, you even end up saving a lot of money as some portals allow you to design e-wedding invites for free.

However, if you still wish to go with printed cards, there's an eco-friendly alternative - seed paper invites. Made from biodegradable paper which is embedded with seeds, these invites can be planted in soil later.

3. Opt for cruelty-free makeup products

Another way to ensure your wedding is an eco-friendly affair is by choosing cruelty-free products for your bridal makeup. You can check out this blog to know of some brands who offer cruelty-free makeup products.

4. Tree plantation as part of the celebration

Amidst all the fun games that you will arrange to entertain and engage your guests, why not have 'plant a sapling' session as well? This is a great way of thanking nature and doing your bit for the environment.

5. Deal with food wastage wisely

Let's face it! A lot of food is wasted at weddings. But instead of just throwing it away, you can donate it to an NGO (Example: Feeding India). There are several organizations who willingly pick up extra food from the wedding venues and feed it to the needy people. Discuss this with your caterer so that they can make the required packaging arrangements.

6. Have a day wedding

Since night events require extensive use of electricity and fuel-run generators, having a day wedding is the best option to go eco-friendly. In the case of outdoor day functions, the setup is naturally lit. If further held in good weather which means not during the summers, it will again help you save lots in terms of electricity and money.

7. Confetti

Instead of usual party poppers confetti, shower the couple with dried flowers. In case you are using fresh flower petals for the flower shower, make sure you utilize the petals. You can get in touch with several NGO's that use these petals to make incense sticks and herbal colors.

8. Choose reusable decor elements

Sustainability and reusability is the key to eco-friendliness. You can go environment-friendly decor by having potted plants as the table centerpieces which will add a picturesque rustic vibe to your wedding. For the signages as well, you can have handwritten chalkboards signs that can be rubbed and customized again.

9. Make the utmost use of the venue

Another way to not degrade the environment is to make the utmost use of the wedding venue, especially if it is being held outdoors. If your venue has a big tree, decorate it with quirky elements, or use it as a mandap or a photo backdrop.


Will you have an eco-friendly wedding? Share with us in the comments section below!

9 Easy yet Creative Ideas to Make your Wedding an Eco-friendly One

by Medha Chawla

9 Easy yet Creative Ideas to Make your Wedding an Eco-friendly One