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That bond that we share with our siblings is like none other. It's a given! Your siblings, as they say, are your first best friends and your first enemies. They know you inside-out, have stood with you in every milestone of your life and have shared their lives with you since the beginning. Which is why we've curated this special blog for every bride-to-be out there—to celebrate and honor that bond that you share with your kinfolk.

As a woman who's about to get married, we understand how emotional and saddening the thought of you having to leave your home soon would be. And of course, how equally moving it would be for your family and especially your siblings. Amidst all the hustling wedding preps and merry moments if you're desiring to spend some quality time with them then you're at the right place. We've done the task of thinking of ways of doing that. All you gotta do is take time out and plan. Of course, those wedding responsibilities would be keeping you on your toes but, do take time out for each other and make the most of these last few weeks.

Scroll ahead, tag your siblings and start planning!

Ways to spend quality time with 'Siblings' before your wedding

1. Have a special pre-wedding shoot with them.

Who said pre-wedding shoots are meant for couples? Brideys go for a special pre-wedding shoot with your sissys, bros and in fact all your cousins. To further add that quirky fun element, coordinate your outfits or have it themed around something that you relate with or include fun props.

2. Share a common hobby? Go do it together.

If you and your sibling share a liking for a particular hobby or activity then go do it with them. Spend some time together doing what you both love. Believe us it's one of the best ways of spending the last days with them together and of course, let's not forget the fun you're gonna have. 

3. Get in the kitchen. Learn new dishes and cook for your fam.

Cooking is an art and everybody should know how to cook. One of the best ways to have that gala "family time" is to cook and eat together. For a change, you and your sibling both take charge of the kitchen and cook new dishes and desserts for your family. And well, how about barbecue nights for that matter?

4. Go watch their favorite sport live with them.

Is your sibling a sports fan? If yes, then go watch their favorite sport or game with them live. Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis or whatever it may be, go step into that other world for a little while and have fun together.

5. Party out hard with your siblings and all your cousins.

Bring your siblings and all your cousins together and throw them a fun bash. Book a resort nearby for a day or a night and go party out with just them. Pyjama party or pool party would be some of the best and super fun options. *And don't forget to take a lot of photos tho!*

6. Take those parlor sessions together.

Tag your sister along in your parlor and beauty sessions. Talk, relax and get pampered together and then head out for some scrumptious food. Also, if you have a brother then take him as well. Even guys need those mani-pedi and pampering sessions after all.

7. Go for that much-awaited vacation.

Now seriously! Take that much planned and put-on-hold vacation with your siblings. And if there isn't any, then plan one right away. A road trip to hills, to a new destination or an International one, suit yourself and go have the time of your lives. Believe us, it's going to be a super rock-n-roll affair.

8. Do some wedding shopping together.

Yes, it's an obvious one but of course, it had to be on the list without a doubt. Shopping for your wedding with your siblings is somehow "a notch above" kinda special. It's fun, exciting and emotional at the same time.

9. Take photos. A lot of them!

We all love taking photos now, don't we? But since the time for you to step into that marital haven would be nearing, take as many photos as possible. Capture and film even the tiniest of things and events and make as many memories as you can. And well, you can DIY a photo album together parallel. Isn't that another cute way to spend some time with your siblings?!


What do you think about these ideas? Do you have anything new to add to this list?

9 Cool & Fun Ideas to Spend Quality time with Siblings before your Wedding

by Divya Arora

9 Cool & Fun Ideas to Spend Quality time with Siblings before your Wedding