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Gone are the days when beautifully bunched florals, candle holders or flower vases as table centerpieces made up for just another aspect of the wedding decor. These are the times of new-age and trendy elemental decor which makes it all the more essential to pay attention to every aspect of wedding decorations. Table centerpieces aren't merely a showpiece to be ogled at only to be forgotten later. They are also about showcasing your personal style and ideation be it floral & branched ones for rustic feels, DIY'd & quirky ones for fun zesty vibes, terrariums for class or huge opulent ones for a luxe aura.

Amidst all the trendiest centerpiece ideas for wedding decor, the ones that blow our minds away and steals our heart are the huge & big centerpieces that so elegantly deck up the table settings. For the extravagance & grandeur they add to the wedding decor, huge centerpieces are being highly incorporated in Indian weddings. Be it for an intimate wedding or avant-garde revelries, these oversized centerpieces can add that oomph to your entire wedding which makes them a must-have decor element!

Check out these latest huge centerpiece ideas for wedding decor and get ready to get baffled!

Huge & exquisite Table Centerpieces that spell grandeur

1. An extremely huge floral tree-like installation that also doubles up as a floral chandelier on a stand.

2. Such a unique metal and foliage setting with candle holders for classy LIT feels.

3. Huge floral bouquets in different hues on metal stands is one of the trendiest centerpiece ideas for wedding decor.

4. Tall elongated vases in different styles holding a plethora of bunched blooms look super elegant & eye-pleasing.

5. Ths metal structure decked up in heavy foliage and hanging bauble garlands adds such fairytale-ish vibes to the decor.

6. Yet another masterpiece of an idea with roses and crystal strings for the perfect royal feels.

Source Duke Images

7. Tree forming installations using branches, ferns, and flowers amped up with crystal or glass baubles set some serious lavish standards.

8. A metal stand decked up with florals and fresh fruits for a personalized reception centered around Azeri gardens!

9. These centerpiece ideas with an antique candle stand remarkably decorated with roses, carnations, baby breaths & leaves spiralling up to form a bunch has left us speechless!

Source Tanvi & Co.

10. Unique shaped metal stands adorned with multi-hued florals are a rage.

11. Huge glass & crystal candle stands beautified with flowers are a fine example of luxe at its best!

12. Shapely rose arrangements on a black stand with hanging black metal rods. Now that's edgy!

13. A serene table setting with hydrangea flower arrangements in baskets! Simple & sweet!

Source Rani Pink

14. An oversized centerpiece with a long metal stand supporting a heavy floral arrangement done in coordinating blooms.

15. A big Moroccon candle holder for those elegant and quaint vibes with bespoke opulence.

16. Just a gorgeous pastel-hued floral arrangement done with varied flowers along with unique and antique candle stands. Oh the luxury!


Let us know if you'd be incorporating such huge centerpieces in your wedding decor too?

16 Oversized Centerpiece Ideas for Luxurious looking Wedding Decor

by Divya Arora

16 Oversized Centerpiece Ideas for Luxurious looking Wedding Decor