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So, you have finally made someone the luckiest person on the planet. Hearty congratulations to you and your partner. I am sure you had a super fun wedding. You must be exhausted now. However, before you get your well-deserved rest, there is one extremely important thing to take care of. Yes, I am talking about your bridal lehenga.

Brides do everything to get their dream lehenga for their big day but often feel puzzled when it comes to storing that same lehenga after all the wedding functions are over. To help all the lovely brides with this dilemma, WeddingBazaar is here with a simple list.

Read on to know all about caring for your bridal lehenga, the right way. 

Storing Your Bridal Lehenga Post Wedding

Step 1: Check For Any Damages

You may notice that your bridal lehenga has undergone minor damages like threads coming off or zipper issues. It is necessary to get these smaller problems fixed before they create a bigger issues.  

Step 2: Read The Instructions On The Label Carefully

Before you go ahead and do anything with your lehenga, make sure to take a look at the care and handling instructions written on the label of the lehenga. This label might be attached to the skirt or the blouse. So, check both pieces for the same. It is an important step to carry out before you send your lehenga over to the dry cleaners because it will help you understand the type of care that your bridal outfit needs. You must also convey this information to your dry cleaner. 

Source Sabyasachi

Step 3: Get Your Lehenga Dry Cleaned

Do not attempt to wash your bridal lehenga at home under any circumstances. Bridal lehengas are the heaviest and the most delicate outfits known to mankind. You cannot risk cleaning them at home. Always send them to a trusted dry cleaner. 

Step 4: Fold, Do Not Hang

I know it might look and feel fancy to just hang your lehenga. However, it is not good for the garment. Your heavy bridal lehenga might lose its natural shape and flow if you store it hanging. To preserve the beauty and quality of your bridal lehenga, keep it folded nicely. Place mulmul or muslin sheets between the folds to ensure that the embellishments and the embroidery don't rub against one another. Do not use any sort of coloured paper or fabric between the folds.

Step 5: Keep Your Bridal Lehenga In A Muslin Bag Inside A Box

Now that your lehenga is folded properly, it is time to put it inside a nice muslin bag. Make sure it is free of any dye/colour. The soft muslin will be gentle enough for your special outfit. For the final layer of protection, keep the muslin bag inside a sturdy box which should be big enough to contain the lehenga. 

Source Pataaree

Step 6: Add Some Naphthalene/Cedar Balls 

Put some Naphthalene or cedar balls inside your lehenga box to keep it safe from bugs. It will also keep your lehenga smelling fresh and clean. 

Step 7: Store In A Cool & Dry Place

Your bridal outfit will always be in its best health if you place the box with the lehenga in a cool and dry space. However, this doesn't mean that your bridal lehenga wouldn't appreciate some fresh air and some bright sunlight every once in a while. It is a great idea to take your lehenga out every few months to show it some sun and revisit the fond memories of your beautiful wedding.


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7 Ways To Store Your Bridal Lehenga Post Wedding

by Pratiksha Pandey

7 Ways To Store Your Bridal Lehenga Post Wedding