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We have never imagined that COVID-19 would cast a shadow over celebrations for so long. Well, it’s been more than a year and how long a wedding can be postponed is yet an unanswerable question. Why not just grin and bear it? Pandemic has revamped the big fat Indian weddings into intimate weddings and it’s up to you on how you make the best out of it. Even if your resources are limited, with few guests in attendance; even then your enthusiasm should be the same. So, no matter what phase you are in, ShaadiSaga is here to help you. 

Today, this blog will let you know more about how to arrange a covid wedding beautifully. Planning a small wedding is not a tough thing but there are certain covid wedding rules that you cannot ignore. Even if it is a low-key affair you will need a good amount of time to plan. So it's better to start early and bookmark these simple guide on how to manage your gorgeous intimate wedding. 

How To Manage The COVID-19 Wedding

1. Have Virtual Invites & Wedding Guests

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To cut on your guests' list is a tough task. In this case, all you can do is invite the most closed ones. In most states, the government has allowed 50 guests which means 25 from each side. So, not to upset your relatives and friends you can send a live stream link to attend the ceremony and ensure to follow these hacks for a smooth wedding function:

  • Use innovative ways for a digital invitation like email templates, messages, and videos.
  • Don’t forget to mention all safety measures your guests have to follow.
  • If there are elders and family members with any kind of illness avoid their presence in ceremonies.
  • Making virtual arrangements for them is recommended. 

2. Cut Down Your Nuptial Ceremonies 

It will be hard to manage many traditional ceremonies. Indian weddings have a lot to do right from Mehandi, Haldi, Sangeet, Cocktail, Engagement, and tying knots. Be very specific to cut short these ceremonies. A prolonged wedding even with a handful of people might be risky. Try to plan them accordingly at different time slots. Also, we know how much fun it would be but try to avoid Haldi function with too many people to restrict direct contact. For the Sangeet ceremony, you can creatively plan mini dance floors. In fact, utilise these nuptial ceremonies to know your close relatives well. And, not to forget that you can arrange an open mic where they can share about themselves or some memorable incidents.

3. Proper Social Distancing Seating Arrangement For Guests

Rather indoors make use of outdoor space like garden, backyard or terrace. When the number of guests is very few you can best utilise these spaces (Oh! And, save your pocket too!). Or, else you can hire a small resort at a place where there are few or no COVID-19 cases as such a place would be best to relax in this stressful situation. Next, up you can opt for a restaurant-style seating arrangement while following proper social distancing. Use smaller tables spaced more at a distance and alternatively, you can also go for Indian style floor seating arrangement with mattresses.

4. Mini Dance Floor, Small Music System & More! 

Instead of a packed dance floor, plan solo performances, live music, or a family orchestra. Give your relatives a stage to showcase their talent and steal the limelight. This would be the best time to play your favourite playlist and express love for your partner. You can even add songs for family members to show your gratitude. With a less number of people, you can go with a smaller music system instead of full DJ controls.

5. DIY Décor For Small COVID-19 Wedding 

Decorating your wedding place is unique in itself. It's time to show your creativity. If you are utilising your personal space (like your home) for a wedding; make the best of your minimum resources. You can use beautiful DIY decor ideas such as dupatta or saree drapes to make the ambience colourful. Diwali lights, lanterns, and candles are the best choices to brighten the place. Use aroma candles for fragrance. Also, use flowers for the welcome door, rangoli, and you can make a gorgeous papercraft to give a quirky decor look. Brides, also make your wedding place picturesque with colourful bangles, umbrella décor, and dream catchers. The décor done on your own depicts your imagination and innovation. So, make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And, if you are still clueless about where to start, then check out these wedding decoration blogs

6. Include a Fancy Bar, Dessert Station & Delicious Cuisines! 

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A huge guest list limits the menu in catering. But, you can go all out with your intimate wedding. Upgrade your five-course meal to seven-course. Increase the variety of appetizers and snacks. An intimate wedding does not always mean a low-budget wedding. It can also be more budget per headcount. Fancy barcustomised dessert corner, and plenty of delicacies are worth spending on. Even if you increase the menu ensure that number of hands for serving and table set-up are few. Plan a lavish dinner on a huge table with proper distancing.

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7. Photo and Video Ideas

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They hold much importance especially for the loved ones who are not able to attend the wedding. There is an increasing demand for live streaming especially in the times of Coronavirus. Photographers should be instructed to capture the photographs from a distance. In addition, the drone can be used effectively for live streaming too.

Safety Measures While Planning a Small COVID Wedding

You are hosting a wedding in pandemic so it becomes your duty to make sure that guests follow all the protocols religiously. Guests are likely to forget to wear masks and gloves inflow of celebration. So, as a host make sure that your guests, vendors and staff are following all the precautions throughout the event.  

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  1. Additional budget for safety measures: Getting married in COVID-19 times brings along some quintessential wedding expenses. They include masks, sanitisers, thermometers, social distancing signage, food safety, and live streaming equipment. 
  2. Safety measures at Hotel or Resort: Just in case you are booking a hotel or resort for the wedding; please pay attention that the hotel staff should be very particular about timely sanitization and cleanliness. They should take the responsibility of checking the temperature of every person entering their premises. Also, washrooms must be sanitised after every use. 
  3. Brief your vendors about the COVID-19 protocol that they need to follow: Before finalising your vendors make sure they are very well aware of national, state, and local guidelines. The staff must strictly wear masks and gloves. Using properly cleaned and sanitized disposal utensils for cooking and serving food. 

Final Words

Keeping all hesitation aside ask all members to get vaccinated before attending or at least get a COVID-19 negative test report. If you feel awkward in saying mention it in your wedding invitation card. Adding safety and precautionary measures to wedding cards is also a good idea. This is very crucial for everyone’s safety to make sure that the occasion stays safe and celebratory. Better be safe than sorry.


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How To Make The BEST Out of a Small COVID-19 Wedding

by Dr. Sonam Jain

How To Make The BEST Out of a Small COVID-19 Wedding