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Winters are officially here and that means that it is time to kickstart the wedding preps if you are all set to tie the knot in winters. Now, there are tons of perks about getting hitched in the chilly weather like choosing an outdoor venue, going for dark coloured wedding outfits and the best one being- serving yummy hot cocktails. Now, ladies, you’d never feel the same way about these cocktails; were you to get married in summer so it is super important that you shall have these cocktails when they are best liked. However, if you are all game for the idea but have no clue about what all hot cocktails to serve then you are in luck cuz we are going to share the most amazing cocktails for you to pick for your wedding functions. There’s everything for everyone so we’re sure that you will find something of your liking in here! 

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

1. Mulled Wine

A cocktail drank usually around Christmas, mulled wine is a great hot cocktail to serve at your wedding function. For starters, this is no conventional cocktail so you will stand out from any usual wedding. Secondly, this cocktail can very easily be prepared in big batches at once so you’ll be saving a lot of time for other things. I mean what’s there to not love!?

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2. Hot Buttered Rum 

So many of you love your rum hot and all that we’ve got to say in this matter is that we completely agree with you. This is the perfect cocktail to serve to your guests in the cold weather to save them from freezing. Add a pinch of sugar, a decent amount of butter, some cinnamon, some nutmeg and your delicious cocktail is ready. This is a great choice for serving to your guests at your winter wedding. 

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3. Boozy Hot Chocolate

There’s hardly anybody out there who isn’t a fan of hot chocolate and if you add alcohol to it, the drink becomes heavenly. So, for your guests to feel elated on your wedding day, we recommend you opt for the boozy hot chocolate cocktail. All you need is Bailey’s Irish whiskey, chocolate, milk and sugar. We promise ladies, your guests are gonna love this on the bar menu. 

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4. Spiced Apple Hot Toddy

If you are a fan of apples then you are gonna fall in love with a spiced apple hot toddy cocktail. It is no ordinary cocktail and will be truly appreciated by those who don’t mind a little flavour kick in their drinks. So, to stand out and have a beautifully created bar menu ready, we say that this hot toddy should be included. Super easy to make and super tasty, this drink will be a hit at your wedding functions! 

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5. Rum Forest Rum

A winter staple, rum has to be a part of your wedding bar menu. It’s the ultimate alcohol to opt for in the chilly weather. Add butter, some apple cider vinegar, a few drops of bitters, butter and you have a yummy cocktail ready for your special day. This drink will keep all your guests warm and they will definitely end up wanting more! 

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6. Last Stop Darjeeling 

A winner amongst all the tea lovers, Last Stop Darjeeling is an ideal cocktail to have at your wedding, dear to-be-brides. This cocktail is a unique combination of lemon, Darjeeling tea, dry sherry, bitters and what not. Serve your guests this unconventional drink which tastes heavenly. We promise that all your guests are gonna pester you to share the recipe of this amazing cocktail! 

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7. Warm Old Fashioned

No, we did not forget about all you whiskey lovers out there. In fact, we have selected the best one for you guys- a good old warm old fashioned cocktail. Prepared in literally just five minutes, this cocktail is a treat to all the whiskey lovers and that’s why it is a must for your wedding bar menu. Trust us when we say that this steaming drink is going to be the star of the function! 

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8. Hot Gin Punch

Ladies, it is time to dazzle your guests with this ultimate warm cocktail. All anyway love gin, but if you serve it hot at your winter wedding, all your guests will be fighting to get a glass of this cocktail. All you need to do is add citrus fruits, pineapples and spices and let the gin brew in the mixture. After all, it is said that gin’s true flavours only come out in the heat! 

9. Hot Apple Pie

Why not make your guests try a cocktail which reminds them of a warm piece of apple pie? It’s the best idea if you want to serve them something warm and delectable in the form of a cocktail. The alcohol used to create this delicious cocktail is brandy so you know that your guests will stay warm after drinking just a sip or two. Another must-have in your bar menu. 

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10. Tom & Jerry 

A classic Tom & Jerry drink can never go wrong. It’s premade batter is made with eggs, butter and sugar with whatever spices you best like. Then, right before serving, you have to just add one tablespoon of batter to rum, brandy and hot milk. That’s literally all you have to do to create this lip-smacking warm cocktail. It’s a crowd-pleaser and your guests are going to be head over heels on it. 

11. Easy Rum Eggnog

The one thing which we have adapted from the West (and thank god we did) has to be the insanely good tasting eggnog. Eggnog is straightaway a warm comfort drink for the chilly weather. Add some liquor in it and you have an Easy Rum Eggnog drink ready for your wedding function. Easy to whip up and delectable for the taste buds, this is a perfect option in warm drinks for your winter wedding, dear to-be-brides. 

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12. Spiced Cranberry Margarita

Margaritas are appreciated and loved by one and all. It’s practically one of the best alcohol creations ever because of how well all those flavours taste together. Now, if you want to add a twist to a classic cocktail then margarita is your best call. Ladies, you’ll have to work on those cranberries and add spiced flavours to them. Once your cranberries are filled with all that flavour, all that’s left to do is add them to the margarita pitcher. It may sound like a lot of work but trust us that it will be completely worth it for your winter wedding! 

13. Sugar Cookie Martini

Cocktails that taste like desserts have so many perks like how you won’t feel stuffed even after having numerous cocktails and how you get to add alcohol to that heavenly dessert combination. That’s why we strongly suggest that you try your hand at sugar cookie martinis. Ladies, all you have to do is get hold of some vodka, cream, milk, sugary cookies and sprinkles. Mix everything well together and you have this amazing dessert cocktail ready for your guests to sip on. Have this epic drink at your wedding and thank us later! 

14. Tequila Sunrise

Ladies, if you are having a bachelorette party or any function where your friends are going to dominate the guest list, then we say you have to have this cocktail on the menu. Tequila Sunrise is an extremely simple cocktail which includes tequila, orange juice and grenadine (for the sunrise effect). It’s the perfect cocktail to have for a sundowner function cuz of its immaculate taste and look. Without any second thought, opt for this cocktail! 

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15. Bloody Maria 

You’ve all heard of Bloody Mary but today we have Bloody Maria in the spotlight; a cocktail to especially binge on in the chilly weather. It has all the notes of Bloody Mary but the only thing different is that you have to have the tomato juice hot to make it a Bloody Maria. It has tons of flavour, spices and the warm tomato juice is going to be so good that none of your guests would be able to let go of this cocktail! 


So which warm cocktail are you going to include in your wedding bar menu? Do tell us HERE

15 Hot Cocktail Ideas For Winter Wedding Season!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

15 Hot Cocktail Ideas For Winter Wedding Season!