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“Packing? Not again! Arghhh!” This is how you are most likely to feel when the huge task of honeymoon packing is on your head. After spending months on planning your dream wedding, honeymoon packing is bound to look like an uphill task. *Who likes packing, anyway!*

But wait, your honeymoon packing is not like your any other packing. It is the most special trip of your life where you’ll bask in the glory of being newlyweds. Hence, it deserves some special attention. Stuffing everything possible in your suitcase can be a problem, but not carrying a few essentials can be a bigger problem too. So, if you are wondering how to do honeymoon packing in the right way, here we bring you a list of do’s and don’ts along with some honeymoon tips about what to pack and what to leave behind. These organizing tips will make sure that you are following the best way to do honeymoon packing so that your once-in-lifetime trip goes smooth.

DO's and Don'ts of Honeymoon Packing

Do’s of Honeymoon Packing

1. Carry photocopies of important documents

Losing your important documents can be the worst thing to happen during your honeymoon. Hence, do carry at least two photocopies of your passports, IDs and credit cards. Keep one set of copies with you in your handbag or wallet and leave the other one in your suitcase so that you don’t freak out if your essentials get stolen or you misplace your bag.

2. Pack clothes according to the weather conditions

Do cross check the weather conditions of your honeymoon destination and pack your clothes accordingly.

3. Invest in a sexy lingerie

Of course, you gotta keep the things interesting and sensuous for your much-awaited romantic getaway with your spouse. And what better way to make your love sessions steamier by wearing some silky, lacey and sexy lingerie.

4. Label your luggage bags

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst should be the mantra you must follow while packing for the honeymoon so as to keep any unrequired stress at bay during your special trip. Hence, to avoid exchanging your luggage bags with passengers, do label your bags inside out with custom tags or colourful strings.

5. Make a honeymoon checklist

Making a checklist is one sure shot way to an easy and a perfect honeymoon packing. Jot down the honeymoon essentials you can’t miss out on, the kind of clothing you’ll need and the body and hair care products in the list, and keep that list handy while packing.

6. Take along a DSLR camera or a good camera phone

To lock the most special and cosy moments of your honeymoon in good quality pictures, it is imperative to carry a DSLR camera. However, if your budget doesn’t allow, a good camera phone would do too. Bond over photography, seal the raw moments in your photo treasures and capture the dainty details of the most special trip of your life. And to ensure you get breathtaking honeymoon photos, refer to these tips and tricks that we chalked out for you lovebirds.

7. Share your itinerary and hotel details with your family

In case of an emergency, your family members must know how to contact you.

8. Carry important items in the flight

Right from your medicines to important documents, itinerary and power banks, keep all the things that you might need in the flight in your handbag. And also, don’t miss out on putting a travel blanket (freezing cold flights are super annoying).

Don’ts of Honeymoon Packing

1. Don’t keep packing for the last moment

Start packing for your honeymoon at least a week before, even if it means taking out some time from your wedding preparations. Last minute packing is a big blunder that is messy and you might even skip out on carrying some essentials.

2. Don’t overpack

Every woman is guilty of this! But try to travel light for your honeymoon. Avoid taking along 15 set of clothes and 5 pairs of shoes if you are going only for 5-6 days. It will keep a lot of hassle at bay.

3. Don’t forget to cross check the expiry dates of your passport

To avoid last-minute panic, do not miss out on checking the expiry dates of your passports.

4. Don’t rely on new shoes

It is suggested to not pack new shoes for they are most likely to cause blisters and foot bites.

5. Don’t take full-fledged makeup products

Keep only the bare minimum makeup products in your suitcase and ditch the entire makeup vanity that you own.

6. Don’t forget to take along Ziplocs and laundry bags

Thank god for the existence of Ziplocs and laundry bags! They make travelling so easy. Whether you want to carry toiletries without getting them spilled or load the dirty laundry, they are some unmissable essentials and travel rescuers.

7. Don’t take along books and interfering gadgets

Spend all the possible time lunging in each other’s arms and making cherishable memories. Leave no room for books or any other interfering gadgets like iPad, kindle, etc.

8. Don’t carry valuables and prized possessions

Fretting about your expensive jewels and high-end gadgets is the last thing you wanna do on your honeymoon. So, refrain from carrying valuable items to your romantic vacay with your partner.

9. Don't forget the contraception

We know it is pretty obvious to carry condoms, but this honeymoon packing blog would have been incomplete without its mention.


Hope you found this blog useful! Tell us in the comments section below.

Honeymoon Packing Do's & Don'ts You Cannot Afford to Skip!

by Medha Chawla

Honeymoon Packing Do's & Don'ts You Cannot Afford to Skip!