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Visa is undeniably the most nerve-wracking part of travelling abroad. And when you are planning your honeymoon whilst wedding preparations are on in full swing, taking out time for visa formalities is the last thing you wanna do. And oh, what do you do if you are planning a last-minute honeymoon with no time to apply & receive the visa? Well, whether you don’t wanna get into the visa hassle or genuinely do not have ample time left to apply for one. We enlist the most romantic honeymoon destinations that offer visa on arrival or do not require a visa at all. 

Not just Bali and Thailand, there are SO MANY honeymoon destinations which are equally luxurious & budget-friendly that you can travel without worrying about a visa. So here we go!

International Honeymoon Destinations that Need no Visa!

1. Mauritius

Honeymoon in Mauritius is what romantic dreams are made of. Coral islands, white sand beaches, azure blue waters, picturesque landscapes, adventurous water sports and luxury that spoils will sizzle up your honeymoon.

Source Faremines

Best time to visit Mauritius: April to June and September to December

Free visa on arrival for Indians for 60 days.

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2. Seychelles

If you are planning a last-moment honeymoon and do not have enough time to complete visa formalities, fret not, you can still have an exotic honeymoon which is not in Thailand or Bali. I am talking about Seychelles. It is best known for the pristine beaches,  post-card perfect sunsets, monumental beauty, utterly luxuriant hotels and everything that is needed to turn your honeymoon into a deluxe yet cosy getaway.

Best time to visit Seychelles: October to March and May to September

Visa on arrival available.

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3. The Maldives

This is another exotic honeymoon destination that does not require any visa formalities. The Maldives is said to be home to the best beaches in the world and well, do we need to say more? But wait, apart from boasting of the most luminous blue waters, Maldives also hosts the most notorious and luxe honeymoon-friendly resorts for couples. So, be ready to indulge in sheer romance and embark your journey of togetherness on a sizzling note. 

Best time to visit the Maldives: November to April

Visa is available on arrival, without any fee.

4. Dubai

There are more than many reasons why most Indian couples flee to Dubai for their honeymoon. It offers a myriad of experiences for every type of couples with its ever-changing backdrops. If there are skyscrapers to impress you with the class apart infrastructure, there are also natural mavens like sun-kissed beaches and deserts. It is further a not-so-far destination and can be reached within 4 hours from Delhi. And the cherry on the top is that you need not worry about visa procedures, you can get it on your arrival!

Best time to visit Dubai: November to March

Visa on arrival available.

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5. Cambodia

Cambodia is a beauteous blend of old-worldly charm and modern lifestyle. It is home to rich monumental beauty, pristine beaches, popular temples and scenic natural landscapes. If you are looking forward to unwinding yourself after hectic wedding revelries and want a tranquil start of your matrimonial journey, this is the place to be at.

Best time to visit Cambodia: November to February

Visa on Arrival available.

6. Thailand

Thailand is one of the first names that come up while talking about countries Indians can visit without worrying about visas. It is also one of the most budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations which can be explored by a newly-wed couple under a budget of INR 1 Lakh. Apart from being light on the pocket, Thailand is also a complete package of what a newlywed couple would desire on their romantic getaway. Be it the sparkling beaches, luxuriant resorts, scenic natural beauty or the hep nightlife - Thailand has it all. You can visit Bangkok, Krabi Island, Pattaya and Phuket are the best places to visit in Thailand.

Best time to visit Thailand: November to February

Visa on arrival available.

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7. Bali, Indonesia

So after Thailand, Bali is another quintessential name that tops the list of visa-free honeymoon destinations for Indian couples. It is budget-friendly, offers breathtakingly beautiful views and is perfect for a romantic Island honeymoon. Boasting of enchanted mountains, white-sand beaches, lush greenery and a lot of touristy places, you can blindly pick Bali as your honeymoon destination. The couples can soak in romance as they take tranquil strolls by the beach, enjoy cruise rides, spot dolphins or stay at a swanky island resort. Couples who are adventure junkies can indulge in water sports for a thrilling honeymoon.

Best time to visit Bali: April - June 

Visa on arrival available.

8. Bhutan

Our neighbouring nation, Bhutan is no less than a perfect honeymoon destination. It is bestowed with nature's undisturbed beauty and offers tranquil yet romantic environs amidst the hills for couples to start their journey of togetherness. Bhutan is one such place rejuvenates your mind and makes you go all romantic at the same time after the hectic months of wedding planning. You can do a Helicopter tour over the vast and ethereal Himalayan range, enjoy picturesque bike rides and also take some cultural and spiritual tours together.

Best time to visit Bhutan: March to May

No Visa Needed.

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9. Nepal

Another neighbouring that you must not belittle is Nepal. You might not have ever imagined Nepal as a honeymoon destination but trust me when I say that it is the perfect place for adventure freaks. It is nearby, budget-friendly and will shower you with its natural splendours. Trekking, mountaineering, exploring Buddhism, relishing sumptuous delicacies and scrolling through the bustling streets while staying at a stunning resort is how you can imagine your honeymoon in Nepal to be. Also, Nepal comes as a scintillating honeymoon destination when you don't want to visit the cliche Indian hill stations.

Best to visit Nepal: September to November and March to May

No Visa Needed.

10. Hong Kong

From tram rides to Victoria Peak, camping, Disneyland tour, sailing ‘Junk boats’, a cable car ride and relaxing at Lantau Island, there’s A LOT you can do with your partner during your honeymoon in Hong Kong. The high-paced city life, hep club life and food streets are the experiences you will never forget.

Best time to visit Hong Kong: April, March, October and November

Free visa on arrival.

11. Sri Lanka

This island country right next to ours is a gorgeous gem for couples on honeymoon. Sri Lanka has it all from Right from hills, secluded islands and beaches, adventure to cultural abundance and captivating beauty of nature. The lush green rainforest and pristine beaches best offer privacy in the lap of nature.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka: October to March

Visa on arrival available.

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12. Jamaica

Turquoise water lagoons, beachfront pubs, breathtaking infinity pools, spicy nightlife and private beach dining are few of the swoon-worthy attractions that Jamaica offers. The fact that Indians do not require any visa to visit this wondrous place further makes it a great honeymoon destination.

Best time to visit Jamaica: December to April

Visa not required for a stay up to 14 days.

13. Kenya

Kenya is hailed as a paradise for nature admirers. And what better place than being in the lap of ethereally beautiful nature to begin your blissful matrimony.  It is known for its stupendous wildlife and exotic safaris, stunning white-sand beaches and gorgeous views that you will never forget.

Best time to visit Kenya: August to October

Visa on arrival available.

14. Cook Islands

This unexplored honeymoon destination has its beauty intact and is home to the most pristine beaches. With its beauty intact, it is like 50-year-old Hawaii but with all the modern amenities. Crystal blue waters, white-sand beaches, water sports and swanky stays will give you the honeymoon of your dreams.

Best time to visit the Cook Islands: May to August

No visa required for 31 days.

15. Jordan

This Arab retreat makes for an absolute offbeat honeymoon destination which is sure to surprise you with its versatility and will give you memories of a lifetime. It is bundled with monumental beauty, ruins, deserts and also boasts of the Dead Sea, natural reserves, castles, several heritage sites, mouth-watering food and of course, utterly luxurious stay options.

Best time to visit Jordan: March to May.

Visa on arrival available for Indians.

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16. Fiji Islands

Blessed with 333 sun-kissed tropical beaches in the heart of South Pacific, Fiji Islands is the place to quench all your honeymoon fantasies. Right from having a private island all by yourself to getting world-class spas and soaking in love in the romantic environs - Fiji is a magical place that will up the romance quotient. It also offers exciting experiences like sky diving, dirt biking, scuba diving and cultural tours.


Best time to visit Fiji Islands: November to February

Free visa on arrival.


So which Visa-Free destination are you travelling to? Share your dream honeymoon location in the comments below!

16 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations that you can Travel Visa-Free

by Medha Chawla

16 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations that you can Travel Visa-Free