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The mehendi ceremony is one of the most imporant wedding rituals that has been held through generations. It is a ritual that goes more than just skin deep, henna is said to have cooling and relaxing properties, therefore, allowing the bride to be calm and serene before she begins a new chapter in her life. It is also said to be a positive omen of good health and happiness, and thus the mehendi ceremony is extremely vital in any wedding celebration. Traditionally, the bride's family will hold the ceremony the day before the wedding day allowing the healing properties of the henna to work their magic on the bride just before the wedding.

As such, most mehendi ceremonies are held at home in intimate gatherings. And that is where most brides get stumped. For an intimate, homely affair one does not want to stretch too much in terms of decor but still want to create that feeling of a lively mehendi ceremony. To that end, we've scoured through countless mehendi decor ideas and presented to you some ideas that can be easily adapted for an intimate at-home mehendi ceremony. From repurposing old party decorations to items that you'd probably not even thought of for decor to simple re-arrangement of these elements - you are sure to create the perfect mehendi decor easily at home! Whether you are doing the decor yourself aka DIY decor or getting a wedding planner to do it for you, we are sure these decoration ideas will go a long way to ensure your mehendi ceremony is dreamy and delightful.

Let's take a look.

Trending Home Mehndi Decor Ideas

Under My Umbrella

Popular for mehendi decor, especially if you hold it out on the terrace or garden/lawn; old umbrellas make for a stylish decor idea. You can add different colour contact paper to liven up plain drab umbrellas if you are doing it yourself, or you can tell your decorator your preferences. Pop of colours goes very well for mehendi ceremonies.

Light Up

If your ceremony is scheduled for the evening/night, break out the fairy lights and hang them around drapes if inside, or trees/plants if outside. If using inside, wrap it around coloured drapes for a lovely mood! Truly sets the scene for gorgeous pictures.

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Floral Bloom

A floral arch as a backdrop for the bride's seat makes for a fantastic decor idea. You can get custom-made arches, and add to the pizzaz with some hanging baskets of flowers as well. A very elegnat idea!

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Picnic Feel

A daytime ceremony gives you room to play with some outdoorsy concepts from your childhood. Vibrant coloured kites make for fantastic decor items, as well as old earthen pots that can be coloured for a new feel. Throw in a hand-fan and we're back into memories!

Blooming Curtain

A popular mehendi decor piece is a curtain of flowers as a backdrop to the bride's seating area. You can also use regular decorative drapes to create a similar effect.

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Hang On!

Small things add up to a lot of charm - you can add tassles, lanterns, wicker baskets, etc. to your mehendi space to give it a chic, boho vibe! Take a trip down memory lane to arts and crafts in school, and get cracking! Add small diyas if holding the ceremony in the evening/night, and watch your space come alive!

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Swingin' Love

If you have a garden swing or can arrange one, it makes for the perfect seating area for the mehendi ceremony. You can arrange floral decoration on the swing.

Park Bench or Chair 

If you don't want a swing in the garden/lawn, opt for a bench or chair instead and give it an arch facade. Looks very elegant.

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An innovative way to personalise your mehendi decor is to have a small teepee tent as the mehendi spot! The bride and the artisans can sit inside and be in their own cocoon. It's a creative way to increase your space, especially when at home you might struggle to find a good spot for the bride. Plus it's funky!

Final Words

We hope you're inspired by these fantastic mehndi decor ideas! Which ones do you think you would want to use for your mehendi ceremony?


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27 Sweet & Simple Home Mehndi Décor Ideas For 2022 Summer Weddings

by Maggie S.

27 Sweet & Simple Home Mehndi Décor Ideas For 2022 Summer Weddings