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Calling a bride, “Bridezilla” has been the butt of jokes for almost as long as weddings have been around. Brides are not only under the immense pressure of looking perfect and making it look even more effortlessly so. But who wouldn’t want everything to be fairy-tale level perfect for a day? So, during the hustle-bustle of wedding planning and the hundreds of people, it involves—someone or the other is certainly bound to blow a fuse. 

And in most cases, it’s the bride.

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But can you really blame her for wanting things to be the way she has envisioned them since she was a little girl? Now she may want things to be perfect down to the last detail but that isn’t reason enough to treat her like some terrifying monster on permanent PMS mode either.
Calling her a “Bridezilla” just means that you think she’s willing to bite people’s heads off if she doesn’t get what she wants, and that just paints her as a relentless, ferocious sort of person.

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There’s a whole lot wrong with that but most importantly it makes it look the bride look more pre-occupied with making herself happy when that is so not the case; it may be her day but she wants everyone at her wedding ESPECIALLY her friends and family to have an amazing time and a memorable night!

If you are friends or family of the bride, take some of the stress off her shoulders. Since you’re the people who know her the best, take some of the responsibilities on your own hands but run them by her first before you finalize it.

And if things get too intense or she wishes to be extra, then do indulge her once in a while!
So whether she wants that exotic flower arrangement that’s completely off-season or if she wants you to drive her to last-minute lehnga fitting. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Period.

She’ll never forget all your little favors that made her big day possible and, after all, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Yes, a bride is going to be difficult at times and maybe even a little helter-skelter and emotional but you know what? Let her have this one because it’s her day.

Make it happen, it shouldn’t be any less than actual magic!

Because hey if you’re gonna call yourself #TeamBride, THEN ACT LIKE IT. 

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Here's Why You Should Never Call a Bride "A Bridezilla"

by Manavi Chauhan

Here's Why You Should Never Call a Bride "A Bridezilla"