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Hands down, the most emotional and overwhelming wedding function is the haldi ceremony. It's the one function when the realisation hits not just the bride but also to her entire family that so much is going to change in all their lives. Today we want to highlight those haldi functions where the bride and groom decide to celebrate together. Apart from the fact that it's much more fun if both the families decide to do it together, this is the function where you and your other half can fully enjoy yourselves and experience the emotions together. And, the plus point is the plethora of beautiful snapshots that you guys can get. Yes, haldi couple shots are huge and for all the right reasons. So, if you’re soon getting hitched and are having a combined haldi function, scroll below to bookmark the couple of shots that you guys can get on your intimate haldi function!

Bookmark These Gorgeous Couples Haldi Shots

We Are In Awe of These Candid Shots

It's a no-brainer that candid shots are the best ones. The camera captures you right when you least expect it to and you end up getting the most surreal pictures. So, if you’re having a combined haldi function with your loved one, we recommend having a designated wedding photographer just for the candids. We promise you’re gonna thank us later for this tip. And, to show you why we’re pressing so hard on this, scroll below and take a peek at these real couples’ gorgeous candids.

The Love Says It All In These Pictures

You will be so close to your wedding rituals and only on your haldi function will that sink in properly. So, it will be natural for you to feel the love in the air. Make proper use of this feeling and get a ‘Lil extra chummy with your other half. Brides, we know the extra love will work magically for your haldi couple shots just like it did for all these real couples!

How Adorable Are These Fun Haldi Shots!?

This is probably the one category that is a must for every couple. No matter what kind of a bond you share with your other half, it will be visible in these fun haldi shots. From putting haldi on each other to playing around, we are in absolute awe of these fun shots. Scroll below and get ready to bookmark these surreal haldi couple shots!

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The Look That Only Your Other Half Will Get

Over the years, you and your other half must have perfect a look that only you both can understand. It can be a happy look, a look of comfort. We think that if you and your other half are having a combined Haldi function, this look is going to come in handy. And to get a fair idea about what we mean, scroll below and see for yourself how adorable these real couples look!


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Best Haldi Couple Shots That We Are Bookmarking for 2022 Weddings

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Best Haldi Couple Shots That We Are Bookmarking for 2022 Weddings