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Monsoon is the trickiest season of all for hair! To begin with, there is the so-called seasonal hair fall. As the rain falls, so does the hair! And then, the frizz takes over. Arghh! Just the thought makes us fret over. But we won’t let the same happen to you. Especially if you are a monsoon bride. All you need is to take a little extra care of your tresses. We can never undermine a good hair day’s prowess to lift the spirits, can we? So, it is time to undo the damage and the havoc wrecked by the rains on your hair cuz no point in pinning all those fancy bridal hairstyles until the hair quality is good. So, all the brides-to-be if you want good hair on your monsoon wedding then check out these trending monsoon hair care tips and tricks for your D-day! 

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Best Monsoon Haircare Tips For Monsoon

1. Frequent Oil Massages

First things first! Do not miss out on your weekly hair massage with suitable hair oil and take it off after a while with a mild shampoo. Doing so will revitalise your dry hair and boost moisture, thereby shooing away the frizz. But ensure you do it with a moderate amount of oil. Excess oil will require over-shampooing, which in turn will again rinse off all the oil and cause damage. 

2. Get A Spa

We know, we know! A spa is anyway on your list of bridal beauty shenanigans. But since you are a monsoon bride, just know that you should not miss out on it at any cost. Count it as a priority in your bridal beauty list.

3. Don’t Forget The Conditioner

Make it a point to condition your hair post shampooing. Hair conditioning, as you already know, gives smooth hair and keeps the frizziness away. Furthermore, wash your hair twice a week at least. And try using an anti-bacterial shampoo-conditioner duo. The monsoon makes your head prone to several infections.

4. Use A Wide-tooth Wooden Comb

You gotta be extra careful with the hair handling during the rains, for being wreckless may cause unwanted damage & fall. Combing, for instance, is a daily ritual but demands extra attention during the downpour. Don’t comb wet hair. Wait for your tresses to dry first, instead. Then, use a wide-teeth comb to untangle the hair. Wooden combs are suggested for the do for your upcoming monsoon wedding season

Source Amrit Kaur

5. Use Heat Resistant Sprays

Bridal hairstyles are a bit complex and might require your hair to go under the heat of straighteners, curlers, blowers & other appliances. Be it your mehndi ceremony, engagement, wedding, or reception - there are ample functions and consequently ample hairstyles. Taking the relevant precaution is the best way to avoid long-term damage. We recommend the application of heat-resistant sprays before exposing your hair to heat.

6. Take Proper Diet

What you eat impacts your hair health as well. Take a proper diet with nutrient-rich foods like green vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, lentils, etc. Most importantly, ensure you increase the intake of biotin and protein-rich foods for they play a key role in keeping your hair healthy. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drink ample water or sip on detox water.

7. Avoid Your Hair From Rain Water

No matter how lured you might be to get drenched in the rain, make sure your hair doesn’t get wet. The raindrops are a lot of times high in acid and contain ample dirt that may harm your lustrous locks.

8. Dadi & Nani Ke Nuskhe

Nothing better than going back to dadi-nani ke nuskhe! You may try out some DIY hair masks to pamper your hair. Some of the best ones for the monsoon season are fenugreek seeds and lemon, curd and aloe vera, and neem leaves with turmeric paste. Aim to mask up to your hair at least twice a month.

9. Dry Your Hair Using A Cotton Towel or A T-shirt

The regular towels can be a little harsh for your delicate hair especially during the monsoons. It is highly recommended to switch to cotton T-shirts or a cotton towel to dry hair. It is a switch you can abide by in all other seasons too.


We hope you found this blog useful. As for the bridal hairstyle of your dreams, we have you covered. Click here.

9 Ultimate Haircare Tips & Tricks For Monsoon Brides

by Medha Chawla

9 Ultimate Haircare Tips & Tricks For Monsoon Brides