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They say that every woman should have at least one Kanjivaram saree in her collection! 

From Rekha's iconic collection of Kanjivarams to Deepika's gorgeous House of Angadi silk saree, these traditional South Indian sarees are one of the richest handlooms from India. Created with intricately woven silk fabric together, Kanjivaram sarees have long ruled over wedding ceremonies and important functions. The shine and durability of the Kanchipuram silk have made these sarees extremely popular among people across the globe.  Plus the regality of these sarees is such that every bride wants this beautiful piece of silk saree in her closet for her wedding. 

Brides! Finding the perfect Kanjivaram isn't a difficult feat. Keeping it in its prime condition, however, is a different story but today we will be giving you out some useful tricks and tips about how to maintain your Kanjeevaram saree. Considering the durable yet delicate silk of this elegant saree, you have to keep in mind all the ways you can either maintain it or ruin it. So, from storing your precious Kanjivarams to cleaning them, here is our curated list of tips, tricks, and hacks that you need to keep in mind so that your saree looks brand-new post your wedding day! 

12 Tricks To Keep Your Kanjivaram Saree in Prime Condition

How To Store Your Gorgeous Kanjivaram Saree?

#1: Folding your Kanjivaram sari CAREFULLY!

The first trick to keep your Kanjeevaram sari intact is to ensure you fold your saree carefully to avoid any damage to the zari. It’s always a good idea to fold the zari inwards as it protects its sheen, especially in terms of silk sarees

#2: Store it properly 

Thanks to Deepika Padukone who inspired all of us wearing Kanjeevaram saree at her reception party and we still can't get over from her sari look! As it is essential to know that you should never store your Kanjeevaram with cotton or any other type of saree. Always wrap it in a muslin cloth or cotton cloth and keep it inside separately to maintain their longevity. Do not use plastic to cover your saree + if you don’t have muslin, then wrap it in a cloth simply. However, muslin should always be preferred in this case! 

#3: Neem leaves to your rescue 

To keep your Kanjivaram saris fresh and safe against moths, store them with neem leaves. If you’re worried about fungus growing, then don't hesitate using a silica gel. However, it is essential to never use naphthalene balls or spray any kind of air fresheners on your sarees because they tend to discolor any zari work done on the sari. 

#4: Air your bridal Kanjivaram saree

It is important to unfold your saree and change the folding of your bridal sari after every 3 months. Before you change the folding, air the Kanjivaram saree or fabric in the shade (within your room works too). Do this once in 2-3 months, so that it’s quality is maintained for a long time. 

#5: Avoiding Colour Fading

To ensure your saree’s color doesn’t fade out, store them in a dark and dry place where there is no sunlight because sunlight may damage the silk and might dull the saree color. 


How To Clean Your Kanjivaram Saree?

#6: Washing

If you’ve resorted to washing your Kanjeevaram saree at home, then always:

  1. Use cold water for the first three washes
  2. After the third wash, use just a little shampoo
  3. Use of harsh detergents and brushes will harm your beloved saree for sure
  4. Make sure that you wash your saree, sari pallu, and border separately with soft hands

#7: Dry-Cleaning 

Alright! Since Kanjeevaram silk is a delicate fabric, it requires a skilled hand to wash and clean it. The best hack for this is to clean your Kanjivaram saree through dry-cleaning so that if it has some stains on it, then it can be cleaned perfectly through this process! 

#8: Soapberries (Sapindu) as a cleaning solution 

Brides! Remember those bulky red berries that your grandmother used to wash her hair sometimes? Yup, those are Soapberries, aka Sapindu. They’re are a natural, hypoallergenic, grey water safe, palm oil-free and vegan household cleaning solution that actually works! Since they’re a great chemical-free way of cleaning, they don’t harm the zari work or the silk material of your saree. 

#9: Wringing is a NO-NO!

Never wring your Kanjivaram saree. It will permanently wrinkle or spoil it. The best way to remove excess water is to roll it in a dry towel and soak up the extra moisture, then hang it on a padded hanger for further drying. 

#10: NOT drying the sari in direct sunlight!

Never dry your Kanjeevaram in direct sunlight. Always dry it inside your home where it is safe from any form of harsh direct light. 

#11: Never Iron

Never iron your saree directly. Ensure that there is a layer of cloth on it. Iron only over the cloth as direct ironing may affect its shine. 

Remove Tough Stains

#12: No more stains now! 

Even after so much care, if you’ve managed to stain your Kanjivaram, then do not panic. All you need to do is:

  1. Get the saree dry-cleaned ASAP
  2. Do not try to clean the Kanjivaram on your own as it may further aggravate the stains, possibly damaging it further
  3. The more you put off the cleaning, the tougher it gets to remove the stain

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12 Hacks To Maintain Your Kanjeevaram Saree Post-Wedding

by Shivani Singh

12 Hacks To Maintain Your Kanjeevaram Saree Post-Wedding