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The year 2020 brought a lot of hardships as well as situations that helped people to grow. It was the year to actually take a pause and review your life. It was also the year when a good number of weddings got postponed for the foreseeable future. That’s why when 2021 began, we saw so many weddings get planned and so many even take place. Now for all those of you Gujarati couples who haven’t yet tied the knot but are planning to do it this year, we have the ultimate auspicious wedding dates for your Gujarati wedding this year. From what all months have the maximum number of dates to those ones which have none, this blog covers everything. Simply scroll below to know more! 

Trending Gujarati Wedding Dates of 2021 

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in January 2021

January was the month of hope. It was the month when we all wanted to just hit the refresh button and do everything that we couldn’t. For some that meant to tie the knot with their loved one which they couldn’t in 2020. This month had four auspicious dates which fell in the second half of the month. These dates obviously had a lot of Gujarati weddings and we saw so many happy couples finally get hitched!

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in February 2021

The month of love had four auspicious wedding dates for all you Gujarati couples which were spread out throughout the month. We saw so many Gujarati weddings take place during those auspicious dates in this month due to many reasons like how it was still the starting of the year and the weather was also perfect according to the occasion. 

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in March 2021

The month of March has only three auspicious wedding dates for your Gujarati wedding and we think that this also happens to be a great time to get hitched if you’ve always dreamed of having a spring wedding. We would also like to say that in case you haven’t got anything booked then you can always push your wedding to the next month or maybe the next but if you’re having an intimate wedding at home or have your vendors sorted, then this is a great time to settle down!

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in April 2021 

Dear Gujarati couples, you’ve gotta tie the knot in April if you want a nice spring wedding. With five auspicious wedding dates, you guys can very easily pick this month for your wedding. Just make sure that you’re booking all the vendors and the venue well in advance to be able to get your hands on everything that you’ve wanted at your wedding. 

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in May 2021

Guys pay attention cuz your mind is going to get blown. The month of May has not 3, not 6 but 10 auspicious Gujarati wedding dates. These dates are spread across the entire month so all you’ve gotta do is pick the one that resonates the most with you and you’re all set for your beautiful summer wedding. We’re already dreaming of those yummy summer cocktails and mango desserts at your wedding

Source Jidhun MG

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in June 2021

If you’re one of those Gujarati couples who missed out on the date or that venue in May then you’re in luck cuz the month of June too has nine auspicious wedding dates. With summers still being around, June also happens to be a good month to have a summer wedding. Oh, and you’ll also have an ample amount of time to book the vendors, artists and caterers, no?

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in July 2021

Ah, the Monsoon season is here and one of the most adventurous times to get hitched in. So this month has five auspicious Gujarati wedding dates and we think that you should go for it if you love the monsoon season. After all, isn’t it the most romantic time to tie the knot? July is also the month to seriously consider getting married in, as the next ‘Shubh Muhurat’ will be after three months. We recommend getting everything booked right now cuz a lot of Gujarati couples would want to get married this month, knowing that August, September and October have no auspicious wedding dates. 

Source Jidhun MG

Aug-Sept-Oct ‘21 

The months of August, September and October have no auspicious Gujarati wedding dates but this simply means that you get some extra time to plan and execute things properly for your November or December wedding. We suggest that utilize this time to prepare for the big day, spend quality time with your loved ones and take a breather. This time is never going to come back and you should make the most of it! 

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in November 2021

Now that you Gujarati couples have waited for 3 whole months for auspicious wedding dates, we are very glad to tell you that November has seven auspicious Gujarati wedding dates spread out in the second half of the month. Yes, that means that it is going to be a Gujarati winter wedding for you guys!

Auspicious Gujarati Marriage Dates in December 2021

And finally, we’re in the last month of 2021. The month of December has a good number of auspicious Gujarati wedding dates. You’re looking at six dates in the first half of the month. There’s no better time to get hitched than in December and end the year with a bang. We say that you shouldn’t delay it any further. If there’s one thing we all have learned from 2020, it is that you should simply go for ‘it’! 


So dear Gujarati couples, when are you planning on tying the knot? Head to our Instagram page and share with us! 

Best Gujarati Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2021 Are Here!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Best Gujarati Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2021 Are Here!