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Source: Richa DaveKakali Das Photography

The world's a little different now, thanks to COVID-19. But that doesn't mean that the things we love have ended. It just means they've been altered, for now. One of those things includes weddings. 

To ensure that everyone stays safe, while life slowly starts getting back to normal, the Central Government of India has released a few general guidelines that families must follow in order to hold a wedding ceremony. These guidelines are there in order to ensure that everybody stays safe and the Coronavirus does not spread any further. Therefore, it is essential that we follow them to have a joyous time while also ensuring that our actions do not worsen the situation. 

Guidelines For Weddings During COVID-19

There are two types of guidelines given by government authorities. One list is by the Central Government, which is fairly simple. The other is by various state governments, which follows the same pattern of the Central Government, with minor revisions based on the statewide statistics. 

Here are the general guidelines that are given by the Central Government for intimate weddings, which are as follows: 

  • There are 50 guests in total allowed to attend a wedding
  • It is mandatory for all guests to have the Arogya Setu app installed
  • Families should use their personal vehicles for any kind of travel
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory for everyone present at the wedding
  • Weddings are not allowed in the containment zones
  • Any person from the containment zones will not be allowed to attend the wedding
  • Sanitizers and hand washes are compulsory at the venue

Apart from the Centre's guidelines, there are other state guidelines as well. Here are a few that have been released to the public for safe conduction of intimate weddings.


The department of Health and Family Welfare Services, Government of Karnataka’s Guidelines are as follows:

1. Necessary prior permission for the event, travel passes shall be obtained from local authorities.

2. The Marriage event shall allow a maximum number of guests of not more than 50.

3. The event shall be conducted in a suitable public place with good natural ventilation (No Air condition).

4. A person from the containment zone shall not be allowed to attend the event.

5. Persons more than 65 years of age, pregnant women and children below 10 years are not permitted to attend the event.

6. Sanitizers at the entry and at appropriate places shall be provided.

7. Thermal screening of all persons shall be conducted at the entry of the venue. The scanner should be held 3-15 centimeters away from the person’s forehead.

8. Anyone found having a fever (37.50 C or 99.50 F), cold, cough, difficulty in breathing shall not be permitted to attend the event and immediately referred to seek medical advice.

9. All persons shall wear face masks compulsorily.

10. All persons shall maintain a physical distance of more than 1 meter.

11. Handwash with soap and water in washrooms shall be provided.

12. Consumption of liquor, paan, gutkha, tobacco, etc is not allowed.

13. The venue shall be maintained clean and hygienic.

14. Spitting in public places is prohibited.

15. A Nodal Person shall be identified for overseeing the arrangements and coordination at the venue.

16. A list of attendees of the marriage with contact details has to be maintained.

17. All guests should have downloaded the Arogya Setu app from google play store.

Madhya Pradesh 

According to the State Government of Madhya Pradesh, here are the few additional guidelines:

  1. A maximum of 25 members from each side - groom, and bride are allowed to attend the wedding.
  2. Weddings can only be held in the non-containment zones.
  3. People that are part of the wedding are only allowed to use personal vehicles for travel. 
  4. If the guidelines are not followed, FIR against the offenders will be filed. 

Uttar Pradesh 

For Uttar Pradesh, all the guidelines are similar, except for the following:

  1. Weddings with only 30 guests allowed in the state of UP.
  2. All attendants should have Arogya Setu must be installed.


Telangana government has only a few changes to the general guidelines:

  1. Families are only allowed to have home weddings. 
  2. Booking of function halls is prohibited.
  3. If any parties are found to be in violation of the guidelines, they will be booked under the law.
  4. There will be heavy surveillance of weddings that take place during this time. 

For now, these are the guidelines. If there are any more changes, we will update you, right here on ShaadiSaga!

Guidelines By Govt. of India For Your Intimate Wedding!

by Shivani Singh

Guidelines By Govt. of India For Your Intimate Wedding!