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It’s a widely held belief that the role of groomsmen or Bridesmen (the bride's guy friends) is purely ornamental or superficial, it’s as downplayed as much as the bridesmaids are glorified. We figured we’d scrap that popular perception ASAP.

Groomsmen or Bride's Bros aren’t just props for pictures or here because they needed a good reason to get their tuxedos dry cleaned! The role of a best man or even a groomsman is more functional than we can gather. When your best friend is finally getting hitched to the man/women of their dreams, it’s a serious call of duty to be his right-hand man for all things wedding.

So you find yourself to be in such a position someday ( trust me, you will) and you’re clueless where to start, we put together a Bridesmen & Groomsmen's Guide for dummies to get you started!

How to be the Best Bridesmen or Groomsmen

Plan a leg-en-dary bachelor/ette party

Go wild! And why not! Everyone deserves to have an unrealistic, exorbitant amount of fun, especially at the culmination point of their singlehood, BUT history, gossip and pop culture (check the source(s): Hangover 1 & 2) are proof that boys get carried away too fast too soon. So when you’re planning this “little get-together” make sure the stag party doesn’t go over-over-board and everyone makes it in one-piece for the wedding.

Be the Master of last-minute errands

If you’re trying to be Groomsman/Bridesman of the Year or even runner up, for that matter you’re going to essentially have to be the glue that pulls all the last minute mishaps together. You must be flexible, and on your feet at all times. Last-minute lehnga alteration? Pull out the car, you're the driver now. The groom misplaced his juttiyan for the twentieth time? It's your job to get him a new pair. Aaaaaand guess who's job is it to make sure everyone gets their hangover kits the morning after the cocktail? Yours.

Include everyone

A wedding, especially a big fat Indian one there are endless categories and subcategories of friends, family, family friends, work friends, childhood friends, door-ke-rishtedaar and so on. It’s your job to be the social glue of this Shaadi so take it upon yourself to make sure all of these categories smoothly assimilate themselves into a lively baarat. Start introducing people to one another, the youngsters can bond over booze and the oldies can bond over “kitni badi hogayi hai, itni si thi jab bachpan mein dekha tha!”

Speech! Speech! Speech! 

Speeches are usually something that takes place at Catholic weddings but you’ll never be out of place even if you go for one at the engagement party. It’s the perfect heartfelt ( and corny)  notion to make the bride/groom teary-eyed about how happy you are they're finally getting married and how you were always rooting for them!

Help with the cold feet!

It’s completely normal for the bride and groom to get pre-wedding jitters! As the best man (from either side)  you should make it a point to be there for them emotionally. This highly elaborate Shaadi business can get really overwhelming sometimes and situations like these people tend to act moody or react irrationally. If you find yourself in a similar situation, be that encouraging pillar of emotional support they need and hear them out sans judgment. We (inexplicitly) recommend you be there with a glass of his favourite scotch to calm their nerves and get them to walk down the aisle.


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Every Guy's Guide to Being the Best Bridesmen or Groomsmen!

by Manavi Chauhan

Every Guy's Guide to Being the Best Bridesmen or Groomsmen!