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From three-piece suits to floral Nehru jackets and experimental sherwanis, the extended silhouette of the groom fashion scene at Indian weddings has always been a force that sets new millennial standards continuously. The past few years have seen grooms embrace more colours other than black, beige and grey, even if they're out there shopping for a cocktail tux or reception suit. Colourful tuxes and suits are the raging new trend, with the new colour palette and outfit styles popping up in the market left and right. 

Colourful tuxes are remarkable and probably one of the best choices for grooms who wish to add a little more zest to the wedding, and even shift from the age-old love for monotonous colours. They're unique and dapper, and we love it when we see grooms dress up in colourful tuxedos other than black and grey! So, to give you a little inspo, we've gathered a few grooms who've stepped out and about, and dressed up in the most fashionable tuxes so far! 🤵😍

Grooms In Tuxes Other Than Black And Grey

Dashing Grooms In White Tuxedos

White tuxedos may be the third most popular, after black and grey, but they sure make a groom look amazingly dashing!

Blush Pink Suit Up

Who would've thought that this groom could slay in a blush pink suit this well!? Well, this groom certainly knows how to slay in this shade. 

Never Has A Groom Pulled Off Lime Green This Well

We're head over heels for the groom's unique outfit choice. And while we've all seen brides in lime green lehengas looking stunning, this groom's lime green tuxedo is worth every praise. 

A Rather Unique Kinda Taffy Pink Tux 

Not only is this groom looking smart and dapper in this taffy pink tux, but is setting some high bars with his off-beat jacket design and killin' it!

A Regal Off White Suit 

We've all seen grooms rock amazing Bandhgalas and sherwanis, but this groom's simple yet regal suit makes an amazing pair to his bride's elegant saree. 

Wine Coloured Tuxes For The Win

Now, you've all seen brides in wine lehengas, but grooms in wine coloured tuxes are truly something to look out for. They're whimsical, sexy and we love the hint of colour without going to OTT!

We're Forever Fans Of Flamingo Pink Suits

Who isn't, honestly? This dusty flamingo pink suit on actor Ankur Rathee is quite stunning!

Deep Blue Hues Are Always Gorgeous

Whether it's velvet, corduroy or silk, deep blue tuxedos are famously worn by grooms all over and have always resulted in ensemble worth bookmarking.

A Rare Jade Green Tuxedo

Isn't this jade green tuxedo something? Honestly, we love it how the couple mix and match their outfits and the green just looks absolutely stunning. 

This Groom's Golden & Black Tuxedo Is Everything!

Now, that's a tuxedo we've never seen before! Yet this groom rocks is seamlessly, and with such a confident debonair look.

In Love With This Stunning Groom's Printed Outfit

When we saw this groom's pale blue suit, with yellow flowers printed, we just knew that this was a bookmark worthy option!

A Dapper Pale Green Tuxedo To Match His Bride

This groom surprised everyone by matching his tuxedo with his bride's pale green lehenga, and their end combination turned into a beautiful result.

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Did you bookmark your favourites yet? Let us know in the comments what you'd like to read next!

22 Grooms Rocking Tuxedos Other Than Black & Grey

by Shivani Singh

22 Grooms Rocking Tuxedos Other Than Black & Grey