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We love a man who knows his way around clothes especially on the most important day of his life. Now, we ladies sure know how to make heads turn in our direction but when a man manages to do this, it turns out to be super impressive. So dear to-be-grooms if you want your wedding outfit for your intimate wedding, to be so good that your to-be-wife falls in love with you all over again, we suggest you first check out these dapper 30+ grooms who have managed to don the most sophisticated yet trendy traditional wear on their wedding day. Each outfit is beautifully styled and worn which is exactly how it should be! 

So, without further wasting time let's check out these best groom outfits (along with these groom fashion trends) for an intimate wedding. 

Trending Outfit Options for Grooms That We Love

Yummy Pastel Hues

We’ve said it before and we will say it again that pastels are huge especially when it comes to traditional wear. Pastels look absolutely stunning on men and if you opt for contrasting embroidery work or some embellishments, you’re definitely gonna look extremely good on your wedding day. Scroll below to check out these dapper men who have managed to nail the pastel traditional outfits

Source Zohaib Ali

Mirror Work For Men Is A Big Yes

Now if you believe that mirror work is only for girls, we say that you’re absolutely mistaken. Recently, a lot of men have started experimenting with traditional wear and one trend that is being appreciated happens to be mirror work traditional wear. No matter which colour you opt for when it comes to your traditional outfit, mirror work will look very unique and elegant. We think you should definitely pick this if you are open to experimentation! 

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Twinning is Winning

This is definitely a super easy one. For all of you to-be-grooms who are clueless about what to don on the big day, we say the easiest thing you can do is twinning outfits with your to-be-bride. Not only will you be all set for the wardrobe duties but you will also manage to make everyone in the crowd go, “aww!”. Now isn’t that a win-win situation? 

Pick a Classic

The easiest way to pick your wedding outfit is to simply go with a classic outfit in black or blue shades. Grooms, classics have been much loved since the beginning of time because of the timeless designs and colours so this is actually one of the best options for you when you’re out shopping for your wedding traditional outfit!

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Statement Pieces Always Rule

Now, because you are having an intimate wedding does not have to necessarily mean that you cannot don a statement piece. We are huge fans of all the grooms who ditch the usual and instead wear something stylish on their wedding day. Check out these real grooms who looked fantastic in unconventional traditional wear! 

Source memoirz


So which traditional wear outfit did you love? Head to our Instagram page and share your opinions! 

30+ Dapper Outfit Options For Grooms For Their Intimate Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

30+ Dapper Outfit Options For Grooms For Their Intimate Wedding