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Crazy, messy, festive, and sometimes downright insane, Haldi is the ceremony where everyone lets themselves go, literally. The modern Haldi has evolved way past the simple one-hour affair into a whole riot of Haldi, colours, water and other lots and lots of music. It is the life of the entire wedding ceremony and just one glimpse at Haldi pictures puts a smile on our faces. Especially the groom Haldi ceremony pictures, which are fun and quirky in every fashion. 

Honestly, we especially enjoy watching Haldi ceremony photos of couples as it's the rawest collection of sheer joy that is weddings. And just like we've spotted and compiled some of the best bridal portraits for every bride to get clicked in, here's one for the grooms. Never shy of living every moment to the fullest, grooms have always enjoyed their Haldi ceremonies to the fullest. 

So, here's our compilation of the latest groom Haldi ceremony pictures that we spotted with grooms having a blast on theirs. Get ready to bookmark your favourites!

Amazing Haldi Photos Of Grooms That We Spotted

The 'Getting Plastered With Haldi' Shot

There's nothing better than watching the groom getting caked over with a dollop of haldi by his friends and family. With mostly eyes shut tight, the grooms take it all in like a sport and lets his peers have fun, all the while enjoying his haldi to the fullest. These are, in fact, some of the best groom haldi ceremony pictures.

The 'Drenched In All Sorts Of Liquids Post Haldi' Moments

We've seen it a million times and will continue to see it forever more. Traditionally the bride and groom are given a bath with milk after their haldi for ever lasting glow. But boy, have times changed. Grooms are drenched in all sorts of liquids, from milk and water, to coloured water, alcohol, juices, and more. Basically just about anything and everything to make the haldi more messy and fun much like a holi celebration, with the groom as the center of everyone's attention! 

The Ones With 'Unforgiving & Crazy' Friends & Family

When it comes to painting on haldi , the groom's friends and family can be quiet justifiably excessive. With haldi not just on the skin, but also in the hair, they will have their fun and make the most of this moment. Capturing moments (such as the groom receiving an impromptu ice bucket challeneg) is essential, as it records moments and reactions which are beyond hilarious. Because 'aaj haanth lag gaya hai ladka toh ragad do!'

A Show Of Hands

We absolutely love such gorgeously taken shots of grooms surrounded by their friends and family. With these trendy groom haldi ceremony pictures it's almost like recording the culprits responsible for the groom's face overlaid with haldi. A pose worth recording, these hands are the ones that have uplifted him in the past and will be responsible for covering him haldi now! 

The Subtle Groom Portraits

Who doesn't love a good groom portrait? From subtle moments of smiling ear to ear to more gratitude filled bows to elders, these groom portraits from their haldi ceremonies have won us over. We suggest grooms begin bookmarking their favs right now!

The Ones With A Rain Of Flowers

Flowers don't just rain on the brides now, do they! These shots of grooms laden in showers of flower petals are enough to remind us that even grooms can rock a flower crown. From showers of petals to dapper grooms dabbing, these photos are worth having in your wedding album. 

The Ones With Bae

The Haldi photo album will never be complete without a shot with the bride to be. Make sure you get one clicked with your 'wifey for lifey', and capture the happiness of both of you as you both stand (or sit!) covered from head to toe in Haldi. 

Source Jidhun Mg


Have you bookmarked your favourite groom haldi photos? Let us know what you wish to see next in the comments!

Memorable And Must Have Photos of Grooms From Haldi Ceremony

by Shivani Singh

Memorable And Must Have Photos of Grooms From Haldi Ceremony