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Isn't Holi just the best festival ever? Vibrant colours, delicious gujiyas, friends meeting after ages, endless glasses of booze and sweets- the joy and frolic that Holi brings with itself is unlike any other. With the colour fest just a day away, we're back with another edition of the #SSGoesColourful series. And this time, it's all about green colour jewelry for weddings!

After giving you guides on using red in your wedding to talking about all yellow wedding outfits and full-on pink decor, we're here to talk about how to integrate green colour jewelry in a wedding through gorgeous ensembles of green jewelry. Elements of green jewelry like emeralds, quartz, and other precious stones have been a part of almost all sorts of bridal jewelry sets for ages. From being present at the edges in minimal numbers to complimenting red lehengas in large volumes, green coloured jewelry brings out a rare kind of beauty in a bride, making her resemble a Maharani at best. There are so many shades of green as a piece of jewelry, which compliments almost all colours of bridal lehengas without fail. 

So, from exquisite choker necklaces to elegant and royal rani haars, here are all the ways you can incorporate green jewelry into your wedding ensemble. Get ready to bookmark your favourites!

Green Jewellery Inspiration For Brides

When it comes to bridal jewelry, green sure is an off-beat colour to go in for. However, this omnipresent colour is considered auspicious and makes its way to any bridal trousseau without even trying too hard. And hues of green have been rocked by brides across the world. It's offbeat, yet in vogue and the colour's luster is evergreen. So, if you're looking to add the best green colour jewelry combination for your wedding but are unsure how to pair it with your outfit, scroll down to check out all our pin-worthy bridal jewelry selections!

Bridal Chokers in Hues Of Green

Be it gold, diamonds, meenakari or Kundan, for years, choker necklaces have come in many designs that help glam up the bridal look instantly. They make statements that are extremely versatile and exquisite. From lehengas to Anarkali suits and even evening gowns, there isn't a single outfit which cannot go perfectly with a choker necklace. Our favourites? Choker necklaces that imbibe the beauty of the colour green like no other. 

Rani Haars For Top Tier Royalty

Usually layered with smaller neckpieces like chokers or collar necklaces, there are many fashionable ways of wearing rani haars. In fact, we're pretty sure that buying this piece of jewellery is one of the most favourite part of a bride's wedding shopping. Raani haars with chokers and huge earrings make for the best green colour jewellery combination for wedding functions. True to their names, rani haars give a quintessential traditional whiff and graceful royal feels to a bride's look, making it an indispensable part of her jewellery set. With green in vogue as a jewellery embellishment colour, we're in love with these brides who've rocked these raani haars with such elegance and grace. 

Dainty Nath Designs Worth Swooning Over

Whether you're an OTT bride who loves heavy naths or prefers a more chic and dainty nath on your nose, there is no denying that a bridal nath with green in them are exquisite in every way. And there is no denying in the fact that a delicate string like nath altogether adds more charm to the entire look. 

Source I Alam

Evergreen Passa, Mathapatti And Maang-Tikkas

There's no denying that your wedding jewellery is incomplete without a maang tikka, mathapatti or passa. Each piece of jewellery is alluring and has its personal and distinctive appeal which makes it almost hard to choose one. Maang tikkas, mathapttis and passas with specks of green colour in them help enhance the overall bridal look and seem like the right kind of finishing touch to any bride ready for her D-Day. 

Source Alia Bhat

Source Omer Janjua

Source Omer Janjua

Mesmerising Green Earrings For Brides

Among all the jewellery pieces, earrings undeniably hold a special place in our hearts. They're an indispensable part of every bride's jewellery trunk. Whether it's chandbalis, jhumkas, statement-making bahubali earrings or plain old danglers and hoops, we love every and any variety of earrings in green. Green earrings are not just unskippable and hard to miss but also head-turners when worn with the right ensemble. 

Heavy Bridal Jewellery Sets With Green Embellishments

Multi-layered and decked up necklaces are one of the bridal trends of 2020 that we're all about. And every modish bride deserves her bridal jewellery to abide by the trends ruling the market. When it comes to heavy bridal jewellery in green, the options are boundless. From vintage designs to more contemporary takes, heavy bridal jewellery will always leave spectators in awe of its grace. And if you're wondering how to integrate green color jewellery in wedding, then these heavy sets are perfect as they emanate an unmatched royal vibe.

Source Fusion Diva

Floral Jewellery in Shades Of Green Worth Trying!

The trend of floral jewelry might have been here for long now but the fever is only getting higher. What started as a trend of using white flowers as a maang tikka has evolved into floral jewelry becoming a quintessential part of Indian wedding ceremonies like Mehendi and Haldi. Whether it's a floral haathphool or a mathapatti, brides today are obsessed with floral jewelry and so are we! And this is one of the most trendy green color jewelry for wedding functions to ever be witnessed. 

Source Prune

Unique Green Coloured Chooda And Bangles

Gone are the days when brides only donned red choodas for their weddings. Brides, now, have ditched the red ones for more colourful chooda designs. Symbolic of a woman's newlywed status, chooda, and bridal bangles are the most traditional yet stylish bridal accessory to ever exist. And when worn in green, the attractiveness of these traditional bangles only amplifies. And let's be honest, green bangles give us all very 'bole chudiyaan' vibes and we're not complaining!

Source Mili Ghosh

OTT Payals For OTT Brides

Apart from bangles, maang tikka, earrings, and necklace, Payal (traditionally called Pajeb) is an unmissable adornment for most Indian brides. Bridal Payal or anklets inject that old-world charm to the wedding day outfit that enhances the overall look by manifolds.  These heavy payals with green stonework combine the traditional beauty of silver jewelry with the finesse of green stones while displaying intricate craftsmanship. Honestly, who wouldn't want one of these?

Source Pinterest


Have you bookmarked your favourite green jewelry yet? 

Wear These Dazzling Bridal GREEN Jewellery For Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful

by Shivani Singh

Wear These Dazzling Bridal GREEN Jewellery For Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful