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Source: MavikhOmbreByHJ

Most of us need a little help when it comes to getting a glowing skin. Similarly, slaying a glowy makeup look can take a bit of extra effort as well. While many beauty products can be added to your regimen to help brighten and add a nice touch of shimmer to your skin, such as a face moisturiser with a luminous formula. And then there are makeup products that can add a tonne of radiance to your final look, which may include a lot of highlighters of various kinds. Not sure how that works? Well, don't worry, for we have you covered!

Scroll down below to read the best of our makeup tips, steps and product recommendations that will help you put together a gorgeous glowy makeup look! 

Glowy Makeup Look For Winter Brides

Makeup Tips To Help Create A Glowy Skin

The first step towards a gorgeous glowing makeup look is improving your skin. Thus, we suggest that you start working on a skincare regime that adds that much-needed glow to your complexion! Here are a few tips that, if incorporated into your daily routine, can boost your glow. 

Source Indu Singh

Tip #1: Use A Glow-Enhancing Lotion

One of the easiest ways to create the appearance of glowing skin? Reach for a lotion that illuminates, like the MAC Strobe Cream or the Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion. These lotions are designed to not only hydrate your skin but also come with micro glitters that illuminate your skin without looking patchy or strange. You can either use it alone or under your makeup. Plus, if you get a deeper shade then it can also be used as a cream-based bronzer. 

Tip #2: Add A Liquid Highlighter To Your Moisturiser Or Foundation

Getting that much-needed glow for brides is important. The more natural it is, the better it looks. And one of the ways to do that is by added a liquid highlighter to your moisturiser or foundation. Our favourite liquid highlighter drops include Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter and Farsáli Liquid Glass. All you need are one or two drops of the product either in your moisturiser or your foundation and when applied, your face will have an even all-over glow. 

Tip #3: Apply Multiple Highlighters

Yes, you read that right. While it may seem a bit excessive, but multiple kinds of highlighters are good for those who're looking for that amazing quintessential glow. Honestly, everyone loves the glow, so going in for more than one kind of highlighter isn't bad at all. Try applying different kinds of highlighter on different spots on your face, or even mixing up two kinds for that added glow.

Tip #4: Wet Your Makeup Brush

Sometimes, we're all looking to take the radiant makeup look to another level. And on those days when even the most glam and glitzy makeup isn't cutting for you, then you need to find a way to make your shimmer stick. All you need to do is spritz the makeup brush with a setting spray like M.A.C Prep & Prime, and then dip it into a powder highlighter. This way, the highlighter will look more prominent and last longer, looking like a chrome version of itself. 

Tip #5: Illuminate Your Body, Too

Your face isn't the only part of your body that deserves some shine and shimmer. When you're body glows the same your face does, it looks more natural. You could either use a fluffy brush and dip it into a loose highlighter like Kay Beauty's HD Illuminating Highlighter Loose Powder in Classic Gold or go in for a nice liquid body highlighter like he Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H. Liquid Highlighter. Just lightly brush the highlighter over your neck and collarbones to add the look of luminescence that matches your shimmery face. 

How To Ace The Glowy Makeup Look

Now that you have all the tricks of the trade that can help you glow better than usual on your winter wedding, here's how you can ace this look step by step!

Step #1: Prime Your Face

Okay, first thing first, you need to prep your face for a smooth and gorgeous look. After you've washed it, toned it and moisturised it, you need to prime your face. We've said it before and we're going to say it again, primer is important to fill your pores out, blur any blemishes and spots. Product suggestion: Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Smooth & Blur. This primer will not only allow your makeup to last longer, but also fill in your fine lines and pores, plus it's oil-free and lightweight!

Step #2: Boost Your Glow

A glowy makeup look calls for more glow, don’t you think? So, your next step is to reach for a liquid highlighter and apply it lightly all over your face and neck. This will act as a base for the rest of your look.

Step #3: Time To Perfect Your Base

Okay, time for the bigger steps. Apply concealer and foundation on your face. Now, generally, brides go in for full coverage matte foundations for their weddings. However, this time, for a more luminescent look, we suggest you go in for a slightly sheer or luminous foundation. We suggest L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation. The foundation is full coverage but lightweight and also has a nice glow to it, along with being breathable. It's ideal for winter wear.

Step #4: Amp Up The Bronze

Yes, bronzing! While many people shy away from bronzing their faces (some avoid it because they can't do it right). But adding a nice shimmery bronzer to your look is essential to complete any kind of glowy makeup look. Apply a shimmer bronzer like the Flower Beauty Heatwave Luminous Bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks, temples and the sides of your nose and jawline. This way you'll be adding more definition to your face. 

Step #5: Now, Add Some Highlighter

Say more to the glow! When you're going in for a gorgeously glowy makeup look, then you need to take your glow up a notch. So, the base liquid highlighter and the shimmer bronzer aren't enough. You still need to add a pop of highlighter over your cheekbones, tip of your nose, cupid's bow and eyebrow bone. So, go in for a powder highlighter for this part like the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder.

Source Amrit Kaur

Step #6: Define Your Brows

Okay, now that you're done with your base and highlight, it's time to work on your eyes. The first step, do your brows. You can either opt for an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. If you're more experienced in doing your brows, then we can give you the option of using a brow pomade like Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color or Wet n Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Pomade. Ensure that the product you use is long-lasting and transfer-proof.

PS: If you're looking for a good eyebrow pencil, then we suggest the Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil.

Step #7: Reach For Your Eye Shadow

Next up: Eye Shadow! This step is more of the same, in a good way - meaning your lids are about to be shimmery and bronzed. For this look, you need to choose a palette that is full of shades of brown, gold and black. Like the Nykaa Eyes On Me! 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Smokey at 8. You can use a lighter colour on your lid while defining the crease with a darker brown and then the edge with a light brush of black. Neither too heavy nor too light. 

Step #8: Line Your Eyes

Okay, you've bronzed your eyes and face. But now, it's time to line your eyes. Now there are two ways to go about it. You can either go in for black liquid eyeliner, or you could go in for for a brown pencil liner. But, we highly recommend a waterproof liquid liner such as Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner - Super Black 01 to give yourself a nice feline flick. 

Step #9: Coat Your Lashes

To finish your eye makeup look, you need mascara. The mascara can be followed by fake eyelashes, but that's up to you. Mascara will add the much-needed drama to your eyes. After all, once you do highlight your face the way it's done for this look, then you need darker eyes so that the look can be different than a soft glam look. We suggest you go in for the L'Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara, which will give you an amazing false lash look with unwanted clumps and flakes. 

Step #10: Paint Your Pout

Finally, it's time to paint your pout! Now, you need something that will last you long, so definitely a long-wear lipstick is suitable. However, during the winter seasons, a glossy look on the lips is also nice, especially since the weather is dry in general. While the shade of your lipstick is totally up to you, we do recommend you highlight your cupid's bow before it's done. 

Step #11: Setting Spray For The Final Look

Last but not the least, you need to spritz your entire face with a damn good setting spray. What you can do is choose one that doesn't mattify your look. For this, you can go in for the NYX Professional Makeup Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Dewy Finish. A setting spray with a dewy finish will extend the stay of your makeup and will give it a nice glow!

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Glowy Makeup Look For Brides: A Winter Wedding Essential With Makeup Tips, Products & More!

by Shivani Singh

Glowy Makeup Look For Brides: A Winter Wedding Essential With Makeup Tips, Products & More!