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Source: Shailly Gajjar; Happy Flashbacks

Well, this global pandemic has forced us to not go outside. But brides let’s focus on the positive side. Instead of cribbing on everything this lockdown has given us all the opportunity to rejuvenate yourselves and spend quality time with our loved ones. But, let's be honest that even that can get a little boring, right? So, to grab you out of the boredom, ShaadiSaga has brought you the lastest & best 9 Quarantine games to play with your partner. These games can be played with 2 members only and are very inciting.

Brides! Say bye-bye to dull days, and make your quarantine days better with these #trending games. 

9 Best Games To Play During Quarantine With Your Partner!

1. Ludo

Be it our childhood or recent memes on Instagram, this game knows how to stay in the spotlight. Well, relive your childhood and play this super intense game with your partner. We are sure that he will forget about his PUBG! If you are wondering which game to play during Quarantine when in a long-distance relationship or don't have the board game, you can play this ludo game on your phones too. ?

Download: Android & iOS

2. UNO

We love this game as it is unpredictable. From 6 mins to 60 mins, we can never guess how long the game will go. Add this in your list and make your Quarantine nights more fun with UNO. Hey! Don't forget to tell us who wins most of the games in the comments section. ?

Download: Android & iOS

3. Truth & Dare

Let your secrets come out. There are chances that even after years of dating or marriage, you must not be aware of everything about your partner. Spin the bottle and ask questions that you always wanted to ask and give some adventurous dares too! But stay at home only. ?

Source Androxx

4. Guess The Song Challenge

If you are a true Bollywood fan, you cannot miss this game. All you have to do is, one person will either play the music of the song or will translate the lyrics in English. The other person has to guess the song. Keep a record of all the guesses and see who wins in the end. ?

5. Scrabble

It is a word game that can be played by two to four members by placing tiles and making words. Let's see how smart you guys are. Make your dinner nights exciting with this game. *Don't make-up fake words guys* ?

Source Karen

6. Online Quiz

The Internet has everything. If you are getting bored and thinking about what to do next, explore some quizzes online. You will find numerous quizzes in different fields. From sports to movies, you can select your favourite genre and see who can answer them all! ❓

Source ShaadiSaga

7. Cooking Challenge

The Quarantine is helping a lot of people to bring out their inner Masterchef. You can also do a fun challenge with your partner. Select a dish you guys want to make (individually), and start making it. Whoever makes the same dish better, wins! If you have other family members/helpers in your house, let them decide the winner. ?‍???‍?

8. Never Have I Ever

We have been playing this game since we were teenagers and still can't get over this. One of you will ask a question (or you can read it online) and if you have done it, you have to take a sip from your drink. Let's see who is the innocent one! ?

9. Touch My Body Game

We found this challenge on Youtube and wanted to share it with you guys cos it's a very easy-peasy game. See how these two are playing it and having fun. One person will be blindfolded and has to guess the part he/she is touching! ?

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Did we miss any game? Tell us what you play with your partner! 

Getting Bored In Quarantine? Play These 9 Games With Your Partner!

by Rashmi Jayara

Getting Bored In Quarantine? Play These 9 Games With Your Partner!