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The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the face of weddings! Either postponing the wedding or tying the knot in a super intimate set-up with all the safety measures in place are the only two relevant options for couples at the moment. And if a home wedding is on the cards for you, don't let the spirits die down 'cuz boy are they the warmest celebrations ever?! So, you plan on making the most of it with your special people and let us help you plan every little detail of your intimate wedding.

With this blog, allow us to bring your attention to the significant yet often sidelined aspect of your bridal look. We are talking about your hairstyle for the wedding day! The way your hair is done pretty much defines your face structure and many other key styling decisions too. So, whether you want to keep the tresses open or want them tied in a bun, choose what best screams your style and keeps you at comfort. Since yours is a home wedding, you might want to keep your head lighter or even DIY the hair for the big day. Either way, a fuss-free hairstyle can be your go-to choice. 

Get set for scrolling as we have chalked out some amazing, minimal, and easy-to-do bridal hairstyles best suited for an intimate home soiree. While some of them just require a good blow dry, others need an enhancement with a statement hair accessory. Basically, there is something for everyone! So, without waiting any further, let us take you through our favourite simple hairstyles for home weddings!

Easy Bridal Hairstyles For Home Weddings

1. A Simplistic Bun

Nothing screams elegance better than a neatly-tied low bun. Brides have been rocking this hairdo for quite a while, yet it never fails to wow us with its minimalist elegance. You can further enhance it with a maangtikka, sispatti or a mathapatti. And let’s not forget how a neat, low bun goes well with both sarees and lehengas.

2. Bun Adorned With A Pearl String

You can also add the pristine charm of pearls to your hairdo! Tie your hair in a neat bun and then adorn it using a pearl string or a pearl accessory. Adding pearls to your wedding hairstyle instantly uplifts the vogue factor!

3. Sleek Straight Hair

Just straighten your hair and neatly set them in a middle parting! Voila, your fuss-free bridal hairstyle for the D-day is ready.  Now, all you need is an accessory to complete the look. Pick a maangtikka, much-in-trend sheeshpatti or a mathapatti, as per your liking.

4. Beachy Waves Amped With A Traditional Accessory

Here is another striking yet traditional bridal hairstyle option if you want to rock open hair for your wedding. Just set them in loose ways, half-tie them, and finally accessorise with a unique accessory like this one!

5. Messy Bun With A Dash Of Florals

Can you believe you can do your bridal hair in under 1 minute? We didn’t believe either until we came across this mind-blowing tutorial. This floral messy hairdo is a beauteous blend of casual and elegance.

6. A Breathtaking Braid With Baby’s Breaths

Here’s another simple yet gorgeous bridal hairstyle for your home wedding! Just braid your hair and sprinkle a bit of baby’s breath flowers here and there. Your bridal hairstyle is ready.

7. Romantic Roses

The timeless charm and romantic appeal of roses never fail to create magic! Tie your hair in a neat bun and adorn them with fresh and blooming roses. You can opt for red roses or the ones in pastels – whichever best suits your style.

8. A Low Pony

A low pony with tousled waves is a great choice too. Just ensure to keep the front part neat and chic.

9. Half-tie Sophistication

A half-tie hairdo exudes an unmatched modish appeal and is pretty easy to carry. All you gotta do is set the hair in soft curls and tie a small chunk using an ornate clip or add a touch of fresh flowers.

10. Short Hair? Fret Not!

The brides with shorter hair need not worry too! You obviously have hair extensions to the rescue, or you can flaunt’em in absolute style as depicted in the below-listed photos.

Source Pinterest

Final Words

You can definitely go OTT with your bridal hairstyle even for your home wedding. There are no rules when you are the bride. However, having a fuss-free bridal hairstyle will keep you away from a heavy head and resonate with the muted celebrations as well. You can even omit to hire a hairstylist if you opt for a simple bridal hairstyle for a home wedding. Don't forget to share your wedding photos with ShaadiSaga!


Which hairdo are you rooting for?

10+ Fuss-free Bridal Hairstyles For Intimate Home Weddings

by Medha Chawla

10+ Fuss-free Bridal Hairstyles For Intimate Home Weddings