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A wedding is a solemn occasion. You and your partner take that big step to enjoin your lives, beginning a new saga wherein you will become each other's helpmeet, and soulmate. But that does not mean you have to be serious throughout! Indeed many fun little games and rituals liven up our wedding ceremonies and bring joy all around!

From the quintessential Joota Chupai Rasam to the much-beloved find-the-ring; there are fun games for the couple to indulge in and enjoy as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. Let's take a look at some of our favourite fun wedding rituals!

Top Wedding Games & Rituals For Indian Weddings

Find the Ring

As the name suggests, this ritual puts the newly wedded couple in a competition! They have to blindly grope into a pot and find certain items, most commonly a ring. The one who finds it first is said to have the upper hand in their married life! So you can imagine that both brides and grooms get competitive as the families cheer them on! See if you can spot a few famous faces in here as well!

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The Wedding Shoe Game

A game that is practised the world over, but in India has gained traction recently. After the ceremony, the couple sits back-to-back and is handed one footwear of the partner. Then the emcee proceeds to ask the couple various questions like who likes to wake up early in the morning, who likes to cook, etc. in a bid to test how well they know their partner. To answer, they must raise the shoe of the person who they believe is the answer to the question! It is guaranteed to bring about laughter, and thoroughly entertain the crowd!

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Source Jiju Mathew

Joota Chupai Rasam

And of course, how can we forget the most famous wedding ritual of them all? The joota chupai! Even as we watched Madhuri Dixit rock the moves in the famous song, this ritual is the most beloved and iconic of all wedding rituals. The sisters of the bride, cousins and siblings all together steal the groom's shoes and refuse to return them till he pays for them appropriately. The negotiations are wild, fun, and break down walls between the families as they have now joined as one!

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Source Pallavi

Final Words

A little laughter and levity go a long way in building a successful and happy marriage. We love these fun rituals, what about you?


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Here Are The Most Fun Wedding Games & Rituals To Follow For Indian Weddings 

by Maggie S.

Here Are The Most Fun Wedding Games & Rituals To Follow For Indian Weddings