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Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding photography is a huge industry in India and this industry has been growing rapidly. The prices in this industry vary a lot. Not all wedding photographers burn holes in your pockets to click your wedding picture

There are some amazing budget-friendly photographers available to capture your wedding memories in their lens. The prices incurred in your wedding photography depends on the experience of the photographer and the type of photography that you opt for. 

Usually, the more experienced photographers are likely to charge you more than budding photographers trying to build their name in the industry. ShaadiSaga lists down the best wedding photographers in India in all budgets for you, browse through their profiles, and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

What is the Newest Trend in Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography trends, much like other wedding trends are always evolving.  Traditional and candid wedding photography is almost always included in the wedding photography package however, sometimes they are black and white, sometimes artistic and vintage at some other times.

Different types of wedding photographers are available in almost every budget on  ShaadiSaga to help you with this photography. Meanwhile, check out the latest wedding photography trends on ShaadiSaga which are updated every week!

What are the basic tips for wedding photography?

If you are a wedding photographer trying to make it big in the industry, register in a wedding directory like ShaadiSaga to make sure that your business needs are taken care of and you can concentrate entirely on the creative aspects of your wedding photography company. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you create the wedding pictures that you are aiming for.

Take care of your equipment: The camera, lenses, and battery must be cleaned and kept properly. Always check and recharge your batteries a day before your shoot. To carry extra batteries with you on the shoot is an intelligent move.
Plan your day: Go check out the location beforehand to have some shots preplanned in your mind. To work out things timely, plan a schedule, and discuss it with your clients.
Know the couple: It's best to know the couple to add a touch of personalization to their picture. Talk to them casually about their story, how they met etc.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Wedding photography is a huge industry in India and has been growing to become even a larger one. The prices in the industry, however, are not fixed. They change depending upon various factors including the experience of the wedding photographer and the type of wedding photography that you opt for.

While a pioneer in the industry will charge you more than budding wedding photographers, opting for more equipment and work demanding types of photography will cost you more than the traditional types of photography. ShaadiSaga chooses the best wedding photographers in almost every budget and publishes them on their website along with all relevant details for the users to choose the most suitable one for them from the given list.

How would you self-shoot pre-wedding photography?

Self-portraits are trending in the year 2020 given the situation that we live in. While we are impressed by how creative people are getting with their self-portrait, we feel that it's best if wedding pictures are left to professionals.

Not only the lack of professional knowledge and experience but also the absence of equipment (that can be operated only by professionals) will not be able to give you the pictures that you desire if you shoot your pre-wedding pictures yourself.

In case, you do not want to spend too much on wedding photographers, check out our list of budget-friendly wedding photographers who will shoot a perfect pre-wedding for you without burning holes in your pocket. We have a great collection to inspire you to capture indoor pre-wedding photos too, don't forget to check that out!

Can someone suggest names for wedding photography companies?

Your wedding photos are simply the most important thing at your wedding, for they are going to stay forever. Pictures that are going to remind you of your special day all your life cannot go wrong and so hiring the right wedding photographer is extremely important.

When you step out to look for a wedding photographer for yourself in India, you will be bombarded with options. They are everywhere! While having these many options is great, it can get a little overwhelming at times. Here is where we step in, ShaadiSaga is committed to making your wedding day memorable for you and we leave no stone unturned.

We visit every nook and corner to analyze the work of wedding photographers to find the best ones for you in your city. After finding them around the city, the ShaadiSaga experts analyze their skills, experience, and reviews about them by their ex-clients to list them on the website for the users to browse through their details and find the apt one for themselves.

Which are the different styles of wedding photography?

India observes over a million weddings every year. A million wedding means a million couples with a million different needs and demands. For some people, it's all about going grand on their wedding while others want a simple details oriented wedding. Similarly, while some couples want to go all artistic with their wedding photographs while some want classic vintage styled wedding pictures. Wedding Photographers in India have classified these demands into several categories. We discuss the most popular ones below:

Traditional wedding photography: This type of wedding photography has been existing in India since the very idea of wedding photography exists. This involves capturing the couple and other wedding guests as they pose for the camera. 

Candid Wedding Photography: This involves capturing the subjects without letting them know. This type of wedding photography captures the subjects in their happiest, natural, and unconscious moments. This is the most popular type of wedding photography that people opt for.
Pre-wedding photoshoots: These are theme-based shoots planned to capture the bride and groom before their wedding day. Usually, they are planned at exotic locations but lately, indoor pre-wedding shoots have been trending among soon-to-be-married couples.

Black & White wedding photography: This one is a classic. All your wedding pictures are clicked in the shades of black and white making them stand apart from others.

Vintage: This one, again, is classic. All your wedding pictures are filtered to be vintage making them look gorgeous and unique.

How much do people spend on Wedding Photography in India?

Weddings in India are much celebrated events and people tend to spend a lot to make this day a memorable one. Compromising on wedding photography that is going to preserve the memories of their beautiful day is not something that Indians are often found guilty of. 

The amount that people spend on their weddings varies a lot depending on the experience and reviews about them by the people who have availed their services in the past and the type of wedding photography they opt for.

Those opting for drone wedding photography will expect a higher price compared to traditional types of wedding photography, for the price of the equipment used will be charged by the photographer. Both high paying clients and those looking for budget-friendly wedding photographers find their photographers on ShaadiSaga.

Who offers the best wedding photography services in Delhi?

The capital of the country e has a booming wedding industry. there happened to be a lot of successful wedding photography services in Delhi. Once you are out in Delhi to look for a wedding photographer or you will be bombarded with options. 

While these many options are great, it can get a little too much at times and you might end up more confused. Here is where ShaadiSaga steps. We go through each nook and corner of the city to find wedding photographers that will suit your needs.

Once we find these wedding photographers, the ShaadiSaga experts analyze the profiles of these wedding photographers and choose the best ones based on their skills, experience, and reviews about them by the people who have availed their services in the past.

The list of best wedding photographers in Delhi is published on ShaadiSaga along with all relevant details for you to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

How do I choose the best wedding photography service provider?

The wedding industry in India is enormous. Photography enthusiasts joining this industry with each passing day is making the industry even larger. With this number of photographers working in the industry, it might be a little confusing for you to choose the best one. 

Don't worry! we did the hard work for you. After going to the profiles of all wedding photographers, a dedicated team of experts chooses the best photographers based on their skills, experience, and reviews about them by the people who have hired them before.

These best photographers along with their portfolios and other details are listed on ShaadiSaga. Users are welcome to browse their profiles and contact their favorite ones via the given phone number or request a call back to know more about these wedding photographers.

Where can I find wedding photography packages at the best prices?

ShaadiSaga has been working in the wedding domains for years now. Over the years, we have learned to understand the need of our customers along with gaining their valuable trust. We have connected over a million customers to the best suitable wedding photographers based on their budget and needs. 

ShaadiSaga enlists the top wedding photographer in different categories and in almost every budget for the users to define the one for them without any inconvenience. Furthermore, the wedding manager is assigned to every customer.

This manager helps the customer to bargain with the wedding photographer and get the best deal for them.

Top Questions Asked About Wedding Photography

by ShaadiSaga

Top Questions Asked About Wedding Photography