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If you have ushered in the New Year flashing a gorgeous ring on THAT finger and a zillion butterflies fluttering in your belly, we reckon this is the perfect time to commit to some changes to make your childhood dream of having a “fairy-tale wedding” a reality.

To make your task easier, we have jotted down 7 New Year's resolutions that will help you stay sane while you plan the event of a lifetime.

Repeat after us...

1. I will become the fittest version of myself


If becoming fit has been one of your goals for years now and you never really got around to doing it, this is your golden opportunity because now you have all the motivation you need- your wedding. Tap into it and do those wearying squats, go running, practice yoga, or just anything that gets you panting. Stay hydrated and eat nutritious food, preferably ghar ka khaana and your future self will thank you for it.

2. I will make a wedding To-Do-List and stick to it


We, last-minute people, are in a tough spot here because we’ve managed to sail through examinations procrastinating, but oh boy! you can’t go right with weddings without proper planning. Don’t worry, just sit down and make a checklist of all the things that need to be done, set deadlines for them and stick to it! From your appointments with the photographer, the salon, your vendors, to exploring locations, going bridal shopping and fitting trials, make sure everything is booked in advance. Mark the important dates on your calendar to ensure you stay on top of things!

3. I will not let stress get to me


It is okay to feel the pressure to make sure all the arrangements are perfect for your wedding. But often, amidst all the madness, excitement takes a back seat while stress and a plethora of responsibilities take over, so much so, that all you want to do is elope!

So, make sure to unwind every now and then and spend some quality time with your fiancé and even yourself. Do things that calm you. Make self-care a priority!

4. I will make sure to make the little time I have with my parents worthwhile


Of all the people in your life, your parents are going to miss you the most. And you are going to miss them even more. Even though all the time in the world will never be enough, make the most out of what you’ve got. Do fun activities together, go on little outings or arrange a family photoshoots. Hug them often and tell them how much you love them. It’s the little things in life that count!

5. I will plan my finances ahead. No going overboard!  


This is the most crucial as well as the most difficult task in wedding planning because it is so easy to convince ourselves into spending more than the stipulated amount, justifying it as a “one-time thing”. The best way to avoid this to plan your budget realistically and agree with someone to hold you accountable. A little here and there is feasible but do not go overboard and do remember to save money wherever you can!

6. I will be judicious while taking any advice


Be prepared to receive a ton of unsolicited advice which can sometimes be helpful but is often pesky. People unleash their gyaan ka pitaara and out pops all sorts of do's and dont's and irrational superstitions, omens and blah blah. Be wary of irrelevant advices to avoid unnecessary fears and headaches. Remember, it is your wedding, your day! Let no one tamper with that.

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7. Most Importantly, I will not forget what it is really all about


Weddings are, least of all, about fancy décor and trousseau and elaborated photoshoots but all about celebrating the love between two individuals and sharing it with your loved ones. Do not lose sight of the big picture if things don’t go your way. It will all come together in the end and you will wonder why you were even the least bit worried.

Best of luck on the beautiful journey you have embarked on!

For The 2018 Brides: 7 New Year Resolutions You Must Abide By!

by Aditi Bachhawat

For The 2018 Brides: 7 New Year Resolutions You Must Abide By!