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When it comes to your bridal eye makeup, your false lashes can make or break your game. False eyelashes are a quick-and-easy way to amplify your eyes and can make you look like you have it together (even if you don't).  

But when it comes to choosing the right falsies for your wedding and pre-wedding days, you need something that's not just multi-purpose but also looks natural. After all, you can't look like you have spider legs dangling over your eyes in the form of heavy false lashes. Like the shade of your foundation, different people can have different lash needs and preferences. However, there are some lashes out there in the market that are slightly a grade above the others. 

So, if you're looking for a false lash that stays put and pulls through the night without dozing off of your eyes, here are 5 foolproof lashes that we love!

Best Foolproof Fake Eyelashes Worth Buying

1. PAC Tapered Lash - 51

One of the most affordable flash lashes out there, PAC is an Indian brand that is loved by MUAs all over the country. This natural-volume lash is wispy and blends seamlessly with your natural lashes for an effortless look. Their falsies are economical for your pocket and can be reused when removed and stored properly. 

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 245 | BUY HERE

2. Renee Cosmetics Ash - The Fiery One False Eyelashes

RENÉE’s false eyelashes are the true game-changers. They are handmade with a lot of care and precision and the brand uses natural hair fibres to make these falsies, which ultimately bring out the natural look and beauty of your eyes. Easy to attach and remove, these false eyelashes will add just the right amount of volume and drama to your eyes, enhancing your eye makeup!

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 499 | BUY HERE

3. Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Claudia #6

As the name suggests, these are classic lashes which go from short in the inner corner and long towards the outside. Thick near the root and wispy as they curl upwards, these are a great way to glam up without looking made up! Huda Beauty in general has been such a game-changer in false lashes. We can all thank the founder, Huda Kattan for bringing back the dramatic eyelash look. The brand has many celebrity fans like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and the Kardashians. So, you can be sure they are of great quality and will make you look your glamorous best!

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 1325 | BUY HERE

4. Kingdom Of Lashes Pebbles Eyelashes

Supremely lightweight yet high-quality with curled edges, this set of eyelashes is your go-to pick for a fun get-together. It has soft fibres that are very fine, and thin and will surely give extra volume to your natural eyelashes. These Kingdom of Lashes falsies have some space between the hairs but are pretty dramatic in terms of the large amount of space the whole lash takes. However, the sides have shorter hair while the centre has longer hairs, giving your eyes a more round and open look. Despite the thickness and the drama of your lashes, they're surprisingly easy to wear and carry once they've been set on your eyelid. 

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 599 | BUY HERE

5. M.A.C Lash - 36

Also known as the Dreamgirl lashes, these M.A.C eyelashes are such a cult favourite. The MUA favourite lashes come with whimsical wisps and fantastical flare that’s almost too good to be true. Freeze them in their tracks with curled faux lashes featuring eye-opening volume. Lashes are handmade to exact specifications. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or worn again as desired!

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 1500 | BUY HERE


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The 5 Most Foolproof Fake Eyelashes To Get For Your Wedding Day

by Shivani Singh

The 5 Most Foolproof Fake Eyelashes To Get For Your Wedding Day