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Your wedding day is right around the corner and you haven’t picked your hair accessories yet? Well, hair accessories are as integral as makeup on your face as it doesn't just make your hair fall perfectly but also defines your look for the big day. 

The confusion starts from the minute you cannot decide what to wear when between floral and non-floral hair accessories. While they both work beautifully to make your hair look perfect, you need to opt for the right accessory at the right time to make your bridal look impactful. Don’t be worried about trying something different but choose to wear it at the right time and all your problems will be taken care of. 

Being an Indian bride is a blessing especially because of the various functions during the wedding that allow you to try unique looks and wear gorgeous jewellery and accessories. For our brides who are confused with the gazillion choices they have, here's the ultimate guide that can help you pick what to wear when between floral and non-floral hair accessories and make sure your hair game is stronger than any bride ever.

Floral Hair Accessories vs Non-Floral Hair Accessories 

When to Wear Floral Hair Accessories

The millennial brides might want to believe that floral hair accessories are a very recent fad, the truth is that they exist from the times of our ancestors and our grandmothers wore it for their wedding as well. However, the variety that's available within the category of floral hair accessories today is unbelievably vast which makes it more difficult for you to make your mind. That’s why you need to make a smart pick for what to wear when. Here are a few tips that’ll help you look like a million bucks at your wedding.

1. Floral Hair Accessories are a Trend of the Day

While it is no hard and fast rule, the millennial brides that love eccentric floral hair accessories like a tiara or a headband must choose to wear it for their day functions like Haldi or Mehendi. Apart from grabbing maximum eyeballs it could add a quirk to your outfits and make you look one of a kind. 

2. Floral Hair Accessories Can be Both Traditional and Classy

A common misconception that most brides have is that floral hair accessories for their bun hairstyle could only be traditional and mostly in the form of gajra. Well, let us burst your bubble and tell you that you could opt for flowers ranging from roses to baby’s breath for your Juda hairstyle and go from traditional to classy or even sassy with it. 

3. Floral Hair Accessories Can Replace Traditional Head Jewellery Too

For the modern brides like you that love traditional head jewellery like a passa or mathapatti and feel that opting for floral hair jewellery might not be a good idea, you’re wrong. You can opt for a floral passa, mathapatti, or even maangtikka look just as gorgeous as you would with traditional jewellery. 

4. Floral Hair Accessories Compliment Open Hair Hairstyles and Braids Too

Lastly, if you love floral hair accessories but do not want to go in for a bun hairstyle, you can pick the quirkiest open hair or bridal bun hairstyle and still add floral hair accessories to your look. From floral pins to a hairband, and even tiaras, there are way too many options for you to pick from when it comes to floral hair accessories. In fact, you can also wear these dainty braided hair accessories that are worth drooling over!

Source Runway Hit

When to Wear Non-Floral Hair Accessories

While floral hair accessories might look like the current fad, the truth is that non-floral accessories are irreplaceable when it comes to adding bling and glamour to your bridal look. If you want everything for your big day to be glitzy and eye-catching, then here are some tips for you on when to wear your non-floral hair accessories to make an impact.

1. Know Your Hairstyle to Know the Non-Floral Hair Accessory That Goes With It

If you think your options are limited when it comes to non-floral hair accessories, you are wrong. Every hairstyle has a hair accessory that can make it look even more sensational. From dazzling combs to encrusted hairbands and jewelled hairpins, your options are unlimited. All you need is the eye to pick the perfect non-floral hair accessory that compliments your hairstyle.

2. Non-Floral Hair Accessories Can be Both Royal and Bohemian

Brides usually think non-floral accessories as very confining in terms of the looks that they can pull off. Let us just burst your bubble and let you know that from jewelled tiaras to elaborate mathapatti, you can choose to look as royal or as bohemian as you like for your wedding functions.

3. Non-Floral Hair Accessories Include Traditional Hair Jewellery Too

For the south Indian brides that prefer braided hairstyles with traditional hair jewellery accentuating the look, non-floral accessories include the traditional jadai billai and its distinctive styles as well. So do not worry about non-floral accessories being only glamorous as you can opt for a traditional pick too.

4. Non-Floral Accessories Add the Bridal Bling to Any Colour 

Lastly, on deciding what to wear when between floral and non-floral hair accessories, you must know that non-floral hair accessories add the bling that floral accessories don’t. Especially when you are planning to choose one for your night functions like the Cocktail or Sangeet, opting for a dazzling non-floral hair accessory is a right choice as they go with every colour and all kinds of outfits. 


Did you make up your mind on what to wear when between floral and non-floral hair accessories now? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 

What to Wear When: Floral vs Non Floral Hair Accessories

by Chinar Ghorawat

What to Wear When: Floral vs Non Floral Hair Accessories