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Are you getting married and want a toned body at your wedding but don't know where to start? Well, join the queue because there are hundreds of brides just like you. But no more faffing around for tips, because we have the perfect fitness routine for you to lose the extra fat and burn calories in 3 months before your wedding day. Aren't you all geared up already? Well, you should be because our fitness routine for brides is easy and one that every bride can follow. So, scroll through to know more about it and be a fit bride on your D-day.  

How To Plan Your Fitness Routine 3 Months Before Your Big Day

1. Set a Schedule

While we know brides are extremely busy and always on the run, we'd suggest you figure a fixed schedule for yourself in which you sleep and wake up at the same time every day and then take out at least 45 minutes for your workout. 

2. Plan Your Workout 

The next step for every bride is to choose their workout. While most people like to stick to one thing like yoga or dance, we suggest our millennial brides keep switching their workout to surprise their body enough in these three months. Either way, the bottom line is to make sure your workouts have a good mix of strength and cardio and core in every session.

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3. Cut out on the Stress Eating

For brides, the 3-month advance fitness routine also involves keeping the eating habits under check. So while dieting isn't our advice to any bride-to-be, we also know that stress eating isn't cool either. So make a routine for your meals that includes having a fixed time for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as mid meals too. For which you keep the healthier snacks ready and strategically cut out on the junk.

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4. Get Minimum 7 hours of Sleep

Brides if you’re wondering how 7 hours of sleep is an important addition to your fitness routine, let us tell you how. With all the stress and workout, what your body needs the most is rest. If you rest well, there is a higher chance that your body reacts positively to your workout routine and shows results faster than before. So don’t spend too much time scrolling your social media brides and get yourself the much needed 7-hour sleep every day. 

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5. Add a Little Extra Cardio

With the crazy schedule and never-ending dinner invites, the last 3 months before your wedding are pretty crazy. While we are not assuming that losing weight is your target before the big day, we do know that you need to burn those extra calories out somewhere and therefore adding a 45-minute walk to your routine in the evening or night will help you succeed in a fitness routine as you want. For brides who think they hardly have time for it, we suggest you list down all the calls you need to make each day and do it all at once while taking your 45-minute walk outside your house. 

6. Meditate for Mental and Physical Gains

Lastly, the most important part of your fitness routine for 3 months in advance should be taking out 15 mins every day for meditation. Considering it to be the most exhausting and stressful 3 months with so much to do and plan, meditation will actually help you keep your mind calm and your body fit.

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Fitness Routine For Brides With 3 Months To Go For The Big Day

by Chinar Ghorawat

Fitness Routine For Brides With 3 Months To Go For The Big Day