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A father will hold you when you cry, scold you when you break the rules (or his rules ūüėČ), shine with pride when you succeed, and keep his faith strong even if you fall.¬†Every daughter is her 'papa ki pari'. We're loved unconditionally, protected, and given every joy in the world by our fathers. They might be strict, but our fathers can go to lengths to ensure our happiness. The bond between a father and daughter is special.¬†

They say that for a father, giving his daughter's hand away in marriage is his greatest joy and sadness. And we're sure every bride-to-be feels that way, especially when your wedding's right around the corner. And while there will be many more Father's days you spend with him in the future, the one right before your wedding is special. So, to make this day super memorable, here are some Father's Day gift ideas that are the best way to show your dad how much you love them!

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Trendy Father's Day Gifts Ideas Worth Giving Before You Get Hitched!

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1. A Personalised Precision Safety Razor

Wanna give you're dad something he'll use daily? Well everyone, let us introduce you to the modern grooming companion- the Bombay Shaving Company's Precision Safety Razor. This is the perfect gift for men who appreciate the art of traditional shaving. Impeccably crafted with precision-engineered stainless steel, Japanese feather blades and gravity-assisted glide action, this razor offers a luxurious and smooth shaving experience like no other. And guess what, you can also get your special message engraved on the razor and make it truly cherishable.

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 999

2. If He's A Foodie...

Source Sorrentina

Choose this special chip & dip box pack from Sorrentina. It includes their amazing Garlic Herbed Crostini, Cacio-e-pepe Crackers, Sesame & Sea Salt Grissini, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, Basil Seed Pesto and Garlic Hummus. The box is a delight for food lovers and includes elements that are carefully handmade with love and use traditional Italian recipes!

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 1400

3. A Grooming Kit

Looking for budget-friendly Father's Day gift ideas? You can always buy grooming kits from online platforms like Forest Essentials, The ManCompany, Bombay Shaving Company, Beardo, Nykaa, etc. After all, even our dads deserve a skincare routine with the right products to aid them.

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 5,700

4. Personalized Stationery

All of our dads have stationary they keep for their work (even if they're retired!). Giving them personalised stationery is a great option as it will be something they will use for sure. There are many websites like PaperDesign, VistaPrint, Dots, Doodles, OriginOne, etc, where you can order personalised stationery for Father's Day, which will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

Buy Here | MRP: 699 & Above

5. A Wristwatch To Remember You By

One of the best Father's Day gift ideas is a stunning wristwatch. If handmade stuff is not your jam, then you can always go in for a slightly pricey (but worth it) gift in the form of a wristwatch. Wristwatches are classy and hold sentimental value for receivers. I have noticed that such gifts last long and are quite precious to behold. Plus, you can always get an expensive Father's Day gift idea like a wristwatch engraved with a special and small message for him. 

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 2538

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6. Get Him A Fragrant Perfume

Suave on all fronts, perfumes are one of the best Father's Day gifts, especially for those who love smelling fresh all the time. This particular one from LoveChild by Masaba is a nautical scent for the man who’d dress dapper, any time of the day and night.  While the scent opens with tender notes of bergamot mandarin and grapefruit rose, the middle notes are intense with notes of jasmine, lavender and germanium, you can almost taste the sea salt with finishing notes of olibanum, vetiver, patchouli and moss!

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 1980

7. If You're Father Is A Tea Lover...

If your father has a hidden tea connoisseur, then this Gourmet Chai Collection Gift Box by Tata Tea is going to look amazing as a Father's Day gift! This gift box allows you to experience amazing and decadent blends like premium Masala Chai, bold Assam tea, tasty Kolkata Street Chai and the elegant Cream of Assam Tea blend. Each blend is renowned for its strength, aroma, taste, and rich malty notes, making this gift box a true treasure for any tea lover!

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 1500

8. Get Him A Set Of Coasters For His Bar

Source Nestasia

If your dad's into wine, beer, or plain old lemonade, he'll appreciate these gorgeous coasters, both for their utility and their beauty. The ceramic coaster acts as a best friend to any glassware, with a funky print of yellow lemons. Just like a best friend is always there to clear the mess, it saves the surface of the table from stains.

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 660

9. Personalised Hip Flask

If your father enjoys the occasional drink, then giving him a hip flask as a Father's Day gift is not a bad idea at all. And if you're looking to customise this gift, then get his name or initials monogrammed on it. Honestly, this is one of the best Father's Day gift ideas from us to share. 

Source Nutcase

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 599

10. A Cutlery Set For Your Barbeque Lovin' Dad

Does your father enjoy a festive seasonal barbecue party? Or is he a general lover of firing up the grill and doesn't need an excuse to do so? Well, this cutlery set is the perfect Father's Day gift for him then! Every barbeque enthusiast is going to love this set, after all, it's got everything!

Source Amazon

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 1199

11. Go For The Cliche 'Best Dad' Mug

This simple but adorable custom mug will be a great gift for Father's Day or birthday and perfect for taking to the office. It's not the coffee cup your father needs, but the cup he deserves! 

Source Happy Wagon

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 399

12. Tech Gifts Your Fathers Would Love!

Source Nykaa

For fathers that have a fondness for new and innovative technology that improves life, then you could always gift them the latest tech on the market! From the brand-new wireless earpods to the latest headphones and Bluetooth speakers and even Fitness trackers, the list is long and unending. Make sure that you find out what your father needs and wants and make the purchase from any online store like Amazon.

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 999

13. Buy Him A Printed Shirt He'll Cherish Forever

One of the most popular Father's Day gift ideas is shirts, which are always the safest gift for fathers. You could visit one of the many portals online like Prime Porter, who creates unique shirt designs that ingrain the latest style and fashion into the clothing. I mean, this is honestly the best opportunity to gift him that floral print shirt that you always wanted him to have!

Buy Here | MRP: Rs 990

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DIY/Home-Made Gift Ideas

14. If You're An Artist...

Paint your father something that he holds close to his heart. It can be a portrait of your family, a scenery he loves or even a simple bookmark that he can cherish forever. 

15. Make A DIY Snack Tin For Him

Make both the snack tin and the tasty mix that goes inside with just a few easy steps. All you need is an old cookie tin box which you can refurbish with some fancy ribbons and designs and fill up with minis of your father's favourite snacks!

16. A Hearty Home-Cooked Meal

Next up is the latest Father's Day gift idea that every bride-to-be is doing for their dads these days. Honestly, a home-cooked meal seems like a last-minute effort as a Father's Day gift. I get that. However, every father enjoys one thing the most, and that is watching his children do chores. Our mothers love it too, but our fathers love it even more! And a full meal prepped by yours truly will make him immensely happy. So much so, that maybe in the future whenever he eats it, there will be a gentle reminder in his head of Father's Day when you cooked him a delicious meal. 

17. Hand-Painted/Embroidered Handkerchief

If you're someone who is into the arts, then this is a great gift to give. You could either embroider his initials on a handkerchief or paint small motifs of things he likes on a handkerchief. Our fathers will always carry one with them because it's more ingrained in their daily dress code. So, give him a keepsake, which will make him think of you whenever he puts it in his pocket before he goes out and about his day. 

18. A Delish Dessert For The Fathers With A Sweet Tooth

This one is for all the daughters that have fathers with a sweet tooth. Inspired by what makes my father the happiest, I suggest you make him a dessert he loves the most. For example, my father is a huge lover of milk-based Indian desserts, rabri being his favourite. And just a bowl of that sweet scrumptiousness makes a wide smile appear on his face. I did this for him on last year's Father's Day and to this date, whenever he eats the dessert, he recalls the day I made it for him from scratch. So, I suggest you make him a dessert he will love and never forget!

19. Write Hime A Letter Or Make A Handmade Father's Day Card

Since most of us are at home, we can utilise this time to create a gorgeous handmade Father's Day card for him. To one-up a handmade card, add a handwritten letter to this message. If you're to be wedded soon, this letter will hold much more value than any other letter in this world. You can pen down all that you have felt growing up, and even how you feel right now, right before you are about to be married. And trust me, he won't show much of a reaction, but his eyes will water a bit, and he will feel touched, but just like any other dad, he'll never show it completely. But that's okay because your effort will never go in vain. 

20. Lastly, Do Everything That Makes Him Happy!

It's Father's Day! So, make it all about him and do things that make him happy. For instance, my father loves it when I wake up early and help him around his multiple gardens and kitchen gardens, and admire his hard work while aiding him in it. It's his holiday, so the best you can do for him is to make him happy by doing things that he loves with him. A family day would truly be something that he'll never forget!


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17+ Father's Day Gift Ideas That Are Worth Giving Before You Get Hitched

by Shivani Singh

17+ Father's Day Gift Ideas That Are Worth Giving Before You Get Hitched