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Deciding upon the neckline designs of your bridal blouses, suits, and gowns are as essential as finalizing your entire bridal outfit. A gorgeous neckline defines the overall style of your outfit giving it that much-needed edge which makes it necessary for you give proper attentive thought to it.

And of course, the neckline of your bridal outfit also leads to other important aspects like choosing your bridal jewellery for that matter. Be it showing off your jewellery with a low lying broad neckline or opting for minimal jewellery along with a fancy neckline, your outfit's neckline and jewellery are like two pieces of a puzzle that should fit together. Because let's face it, your varied bridal necklaces and exquisite blouse designs camouflaging each other is undoubtedly a bridal faux pas.

Our sole aim sitting here, at our desks, is to make sure everything best and trending in the wedding scenario reach out to you. Eyeing the bridal fashion scene specifically, be it everything edgy in bridal outfits or everything that ruled last year, we just have to swing in them to you.

To aid you in achieving the best bridal look, we've enlisted all the trending, entrancing and best fancy necklines for your bridal outfits that you must choose from. Without prolonging it further, start scrolling and picking your favorite ones.

From Subtle to Sexy: Neckline Designs for all your Bridal Outfits

1. Off-shoulder necklines

Off-shoulders are one of the trendiest fancy necklines for the brides to choose from. Almost every bride's favorite, a lot of brides are donning off-shoulder blouses for their sarees, bridal lehengas and skirts. Not just that, off-shoulder gowns and anarkali suits are in too.

Source Memoirz

2. A high-band neck

Perfect for your jacket cholis and even blouses, a high-band neck buttoned or zipped up is perfect for chic feels.

3. Sheer boat neck with a defining neckline

This is yet another trendy way of having embellished necklines and yet be able to flaunt your jewellery perfectly. The sheer fabric helps in creating a gap between your fancy neckline and your jewellery making both of them stand out together.

4. Jewel neck

A jewel neckline is a great option for brides who want to skip on their neckpiece and yet don't want bare necks. Of course, a collar neck piece can be paired with this neckline but this neckline style is perfect for the minimalistic brides.

5. Plunging Necklines

For brides who don't shy away from making a bold statement with their wedding outfits and won't mind soaring temperatures high, a plunging neckline is the best bet. Just be sure to wear this with utmost confidence and that you aren't uncomfortable.

6. Structured ruffle necklines

Structured ruffles along the length of your neckline or along your shoulders are the perfect contemporary edge that you'd need in your bridal outfits. Such necklines are perfect for your gowns or cocktail, engagement and reception outfits.

7. Elongated or deep V-neck

A broad & deep V-neck or an elongated neckline is yet another great option for bridal blouses and tops. With just the right amount of graceful peek-a-boo and ample space to flaunt your long neckpieces, these necklines are one of the best fancy neckline for bridal outfit.

8. Halter-Queen Anne Neckline

The semi-twin of the Queen Anne neckline, quirky and edgy tops for your skirts are the best ones to have this neckline incorporated in.

9. Extremely broad necklines

Broader and wider necklines in varied shapes like square, sweetheart, scoop etc., are the most favored necklines for bridal outfits. Adding a whiff of modernism while letting the jewellery and blouse shine together, these necklines are a hit and most apt for blouses and suits alike.

10. Asymmetrical Neckline

An asymmetrical neckline along with a long deep v is one of the latest bridal fancy necklines that we're majorly crushing on!

11. Boat neck

What seems to be a famous neckline for suits and anarkalis looks great in your blouses and top designs too. It is also a great option for brides who want to keep it all covered and yet look stylish.

Source Memoirz

Source Amrit Kaur

12. Sheer blouse neck with embellished neckline

For brides who don't want to wear a neckpiece but would love little embellishments, a sheer neck with bejewelled or embroidered neckline is the best choice. The best part about this neckline is that you wouldn't have to wear a neckpiece and yet would have your neck look adorned.

13. Strapless or bustier necklines

These necklines are a hit amongst brides for their cocktail and reception outfits; specifically gowns. These necklines are a super rage and one of the trendiest fancy necklines for brides.

14. Shirt collar-style neckline

A blouse with a shirt collar style neckline would be a super unique and offbeat choice for your mehndi outfits.

15. One shoulder necklines

If choosing a complete off-shoulder gets a bit uncomfortable for you, one shoulder necklines should be your go-to. Their hep, in vogue, and of course an absolute style statement.


16. Embellished necklines

Necklines with embroideries or jewel or tassle detailings along their lengths are a great choice if you want to go minimal on your neckpieces.

17. Sweetheart neckline with straps

Perfect for both tops and gowns, a gorgeous strappy sweetheart neckline looks elegant and extra at the same time!


What kind of a neckline design have you fallen in love with? Let us know!

17 Fancy & Glam Neckline Designs for All Your Bridal Outfits

by Divya Arora

17 Fancy & Glam Neckline Designs for All Your Bridal Outfits