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We've got thrills for the frills! Spotted on some glamourous brides, frill blouses seem to be an upcoming trend and we are here for it. Something is enchanting about the frills that just draw the eye in. They are playful, spirited, and yet add a certain panache to the highly appealing ensemble. 

We've bookmarked some of our favourite designs for frill blouses for the 2022 brides. Take a look.

Latest Frill Blouse Designs for the 2022 Brides

1. Frozen Fluff

A delightful reminder of the ruffled snow on hilltops!

2. Bubblegum Pink

A striking design with an off-shoulder blouse and an absolutely larger than life ruffle on the other side!

3. Sunshine Cloud

This delightful Suneet Varma creation gives the impression of wearing a cloud! Upvote this awesome look!

4. Blue Dream

This lovely blue frill blouse with silver embellishments is just divine!

5. Pink Puff

This lovely pink frill blouse has frills falling over the sleeves for an elegant look!

6. Marshmallow Fluff

Pale pink frills add an ethereal look to your bridal outfit!

8. Sublime Grace

A delightfully sombre look that oozes elegance; a halter blouse with drooping frill sleeves.

9. Peach Ruffles

A simple yet chic blouse with frilled sleeves.

10. Happy Cloud

A delightfully frilly blouse that reflects the happiness of the occasion! Love this design. ❤️

11. Tech Fluff

A steely-grey design that plays with the concept of a frilled blouse. Love this sleek look.

12. Shoulder Ruffle

An off-shoulder blouse with frills on one side for a charming effect!

13. Turquoise Fuzz

A gorgeous cloud of turquoise frills for an enchanting look!

14. Gold Hues

A gorgeous gold ruffled blouse for an enticingly sparkly outfit!

15. Snow Puff

This gorgeous Suneet Verma creation features white ruffles on a spangly silver blouse.

16. Rose Blush

A darling creation by Suneet Verma, featuring pink rose ruffles on a choli-style blouse.

17. Mint Fluff

A soft and delicate mint green blouse with full shoulder ruffles!

18. Red Alert

Yet another Suneet Verma creation, flaunting a sparkly red ruffle on both shoulders!

19. Silky Maroon

A darling off-shoulder blouse with a soft ruffle on one side for an elegant look!

20. Blue Haze

A daring creation, featuring an off-shoulder blouse with ruffles that represent the blue sky!

21. Regal Look

A deep vine coloured off-shoulder blouse with frills that accentuate the ensemble!

Final Words

The frills look enticing, and add a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the bridal outfit! We are totally on board with this trend for the upcoming wedding season!


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21 Fabulous Frill Blouse Designs for the 2022 Brides-to-be!

by Maggie S.

21 Fabulous Frill Blouse Designs for the 2022 Brides-to-be!