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Source Richa Dave

Alright, so 2020 is definitely not going as planned- and I know for sure that I'm not the only one feeling a little dejected. But as my mother always told me, find the silver lining for every dark cloud, here I am doing just that. And you know what's my silver lining to this dark dark cloud called 2020? Eye Makeup!

Now, I know what you're going to say. Why such a specific 'silver lining' and why not just makeup in general? To answer that, let's look at it this way- due to the ongoing pandemic, all the intimate weddings taking place require one very important accessory- facemasks. What was once a necessity (and still is), facemasks have evolved into a fashion trend, with brides embracing them into their ensemble and getting handmade ones made that match their attire. However, when you go ahead and wear a mask, your makeup look is mostly hidden and diffused, save for your eye makeup. Which means that it should definitely shine like the focus of your makeup look. Brides who were choosing more subtle looks in 2019 have now moved a step ahead to pair neutral and light makeups with heavily, OTT eye looks. 

And I, for one, love them! Trying out bold colours, glitters, eyeliner trends is never a thing to be discouraged (floating eyeliner and feather brows, anyone?). Every and any bride can rock a good bright eye makeup look. So, I've taken the liberty to go ahead and pick out some of my favourite bold eye makeup looks that can be rocked above a mask! Scroll down below to find your pin-worthy look, and go crazy!

Bold Eye Makeup Looks For Brides

Deep Smokey Eye Looks

There isn't a single bride I've come across in my life who doesn't love a good smokey eye. Scratch that, I've not seen a single woman who doesn't love this look. In fact, I have a very close kinship to this style of eye makeup for this was the first-ever kind of look I mastered. Personal history and love aside, a good smokey eye is bold, sensual and catches the onlooker's eye in one go. So, choosing this is probably something any bride would do first!

Ever Heard of 'Sunset Eyes'?

Honestly, creativity has no bounds. So when I spotted these eye makeup looks, that showcased an entire sunset colour palette, I was smitten! So if you're looking for captivating eye makeup ideas for intimate weddings then do bookmark this one. 

The Much Loved Halo Eye Makeup

Also known as the “spotlight eyes,” this new statement eye makeup look is all about strategically placing eye shadow around your eyes with a brighter, optionally glitter based, centre to fake a bigger, more intense, gaze. You can keep it simple with golds and silvers or go a bit crazy, the choice is yours!

The OTT Cat Eye

We're all fans of that infamous 'cat eye' liner. So much so, that it's a part of our daily lives. But when you do the same look with eyeshadows, the look is amplified by the use of glitter and metallic eyeshadows and dark khols. 

A Unique Matte Red & Black Look

Matte eye makeups are the 'it' thing of the upcoming winter wedding season. We suggest you add this red look into your beauty book to try out later!

A Mix Of Reds & Golds

Reds, golds and metallics of the same are colours that are pretty out there when combined into a single look. While golds and reds are commonly used, pure metallic reds are rarely seen. Yet the mix of these shades creates a bold, and bright look, which will make your eyes pop!

Soft Colours That Shine Bright

God, I love gouache colours in makeup. They're soft to look, yet show up very well on the eyes without much effort due to intense pigmentation. For someone looking simple eye makeup ideas for intimate weddings, these can be good inspo. They can be paired with a simple line eyeliner in black, or even done up with floating liners in glitter or pastel hues. Either way, they look fantastically lovely in every way!

Who Doesn't Love Pink With Rose Gold?

Bright pinks, fuschias, dusty rose pinks and what not. The hues of pink are endless. But according to me, the one metallic colour that truly helps pink pop out and shines bright the best is rose gold.  It complements and creates a contrast at the same time, making a bride's eyes illuminated in the most pretty way possible. Probably one of the best eye makeup ideas for intimate weddings!

Source Richa Dave

Source Richa Dave

Flamboyant Cute-Creases To Die For

A lot of people thought that cut crease eye makeup was going to take the backseat this year, with people opting for more smoked out and natural looks. Well, truth be told, every bride secretly craves at least one event look to be this outlandish and colourful. And I am in full support of this! I'd take a cut crease over a subtle look any day, especially if I can rock it over a mask with the perfect edge of mystique. 

Source Richa Dave


Did you bookmark your favourites? Let us know what you'd like us to cover in future blogs in the comments!



25+ Eye Makeup Looks To Rock Above A Mask At Your Intimate Wedding

by Shivani Singh

25+ Eye Makeup Looks To Rock Above A Mask At Your Intimate Wedding