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With unbound scope available for experimentation that's beyond our imagination, the bridal fashion scene in Indian weddings is ever changing and ever evolving. It's as if there's literally no end to how the bridal outfits can be further amped up and taken a notch above by incorporating new, unique and beauteous elements.

Coming up with different and edgy bridal outfit trends off and on, our beloved couturiers never fail to mesmerize us with their added contemporary edge to the traditional attires. Unlike every year, in 2018 we saw innumerable experiments taking place in bridal outfits and some of them have just rooted themselves in our hearts. Varied extended silhouettes, new hues & palettes or even styling the entire bridal look in a unique way—so much has happened in 2018 that we're majorly crushing on and we just had to bring them to you.

Which is why we've compiled this blog listing all the bridal outfit trends of 2018 and we can't wait for you to pull up your experimental socks already!

Experimental Bridal Trends We Spotted on Brides in 2018

Bridal Lehengas in Gorgeous Hues of Greys & Metallics

Of course, we've seen brides experimenting with their lehenga colors from fiery greens and blues to sublime pinks and lavenders. But, the one color that we saw trending amongst brides this year was Grey. From its lighter hues to even shimmery metallics, brides went all out and chose these colors not only for their pre-wedding functions but, D-day as well.


Short or Mid-Length Lehenga Skirts for That Mehndi Ceremony

Ditching the normal lehengas and the basic indo-western outfits for mehndi, we saw a lot of brides donning lehenga skirts in shorter lengths. They are not only a perfect choice for mehndi rituals but are super comfy and easy to frolic about and enjoy your mehndi to the fullest. For that matter, even stars like Shweta Tripathi and Yuvika Choudhary slipped into shorter lehenga skirts for their mehndi ceremonies.


The Added Edge of Cape Sleeves

Cape sleeves have been another raging innovative trend in 2018. From mid-length to floor-length sleeves, brides have been opting for these "giving an illusion of a cape" sleeves not only for their blouses but gowns as well. For the contemporary edge that they can add to any bridal outfit, this is our favorite and one of the best bridal outfit element!


Personalized Bridal Outfits

Personalization has been one hep trend that couples have been indulging in for their weddings. From the decor, the food and drinks spread to the entire theme and even the outfits, there isn't any sphere of weddings that can't be personalized. To add that much needed personal touch to their outfits brides are getting their outfits personalized in even the smallest of ways possible. Be it having their love stories embroidered on their lehengas, their names on their latkans or the borders or having Sanskrit shlokas written on their Dupatta just like Deepika Padukone, we saw a lot of new ways of getting the outfits customized.


Bridal Lehengas with Off-Shoulder Tops and Cholis

Of course, brides have been slipping into pretty off-shoulders for their pre-wedding revelries but, choosing off-shoulder cholis for their wedding day outfits is what brides went for in the year 2018. Unlike earlier times, brides aren't shying away from donning these super sexy blouses on their d-day as well.


Scintillating Monotone Mehndi Looks

One fad that has struck a chord with our hearts is brides choosing gorgeous monotone looks for their Mehndi ceremony. Opting for their outfits and mehndi accessories is similar colors or colors of the same palette was how brides went for monotone looks. And believe us it is nothing short of mesmerizing and so eye-pleasing! Have a look!


Extended Silhouettes with Asymmetrical Hemmed Skirts & Gowns

Bringing a whiff of modernism to their traditional outfits, lehenga skirts or gowns with ruffled, tiered and pleated hems have been a hot thing in 2018. These extended silhouettes add a charming definition to the entire outfit and no wonder this one trend is amongst 2018's best bridal outfits.


The Added Definition of Ruffles and Structured Ruffles

Amping up your basic bridal outfit, ruffles and structured ruffles undoubtedly made it big into the "experimental bridal outfits list". Be it dupattas, blouses and their necklines or the lehenga skirts, ruffles have paved their way into every piece of the bridal outfit and they look absolutely stunning! 


The Unending Trails and Veils

Long trails in bridal gowns or long veils is another trend that outgrew itself only recently. With Deepika and Priyanka spotted in long trails and veils in their bridal outfits, this trend is surely not going to die down any sooner. For that matter, Priyanka Chopra's veil at her Christian wedding was 75 ft. Beat that!

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Let us know if you too spotted something trendy and inventive in bridal outfits in 2018!

Best Experimental Wedding Outfits we Spotted on Brides in 2018

by Divya Arora

Best Experimental Wedding Outfits we Spotted on Brides in 2018