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Fake eyelashes are one thing every girl is getting their hands on, then why should you be left behind just for the reason you don't know enough about it!? If you're a bride-to-be, then it's really important for you to know about the firey trend of fake eyelash and how they'll help in enhancing your wedding look. Your makeup artist will anyway be using a pair of falsies to dramatize your look, read everything about it before it comes as a surprise to you:

1. They make your eyes pop

The long sleepless nights' post-marriage are bound to make your eyes look exhausted. False eyelashes that look natural and can be used daily would really come to your rescue here. Nobody should have those pearly eyes other than you at those post-wedding dinners. These falsies will not only make your eyes look wide but will also enhance the whole post bridal look.

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2. They help you change your eye shape

Smaller eyes can be really accentuated by choosing a pair of thicker eyelashes. You can get longer eyes too by wearing a little-elongated strip. Also, if you have dark circles, then the natural enhancers will help you keep them at bay. And if you are going all out, then a pair of 3D mink lashes will definitely take your look many notches higher. What makes you still think?

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3. Wearing and removing them is not as cumbersome as it was before

There was a time that putting on fake eyelashes was only restricted to professional makeup. These days women, who are using these set of charmers every day literally swear that all it takes them is 15 seconds. It is literally quicker than putting on mascara when you get used to them. Also, taking them off is as easy as taking off your everyday makeup. Just use any oil-based makeup remover and off they go. Also, these days you can use the same pair more than 20 times. Does it get any easier than this?

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4.  Mascara is bad for your eyelashes

Think twice before you flutter those mascara smothered eyelashes. No matter which brand you use, mascara is harmful for the lashes in the long run. Also, taking off the dry mascara requires, rubbing and teasing which further aggravates the condition. And no matter how many coats you apply, it still won't look as glam as fake eyelashes do.

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5. They are best to wear for a long occasion

Mascaras won’t do justice when your wedding events or post-wedding festivities run from day into the night. Not only do the mascaras run out making your eyes look tired but they also make your eye area look darker after a few hours. Fake eyelashes will make your eyes look sharper and fuller no matter how long the celebrations last.

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Fake eyelashes are the new beauty weapons. If you aren’t exploiting them this wedding season, then you are definitely losing out on a lot. If we have convinced you enough, we are here to help further. Below is a list of the top 5 brands in India, that are selling the perfect fake eyelashes:

  • HudaBeauty

If you haven’t heard of Hudabeauty lashes, you've probably been living under the rock. The name that brought the eyelash revolution to reality still sells the perfect pair of falsies. Makeup artists from all over the world love these long-lasting, lightweight and perfect for daily wear charmers. Made out of synthetic and natural fibers, they are priced at around Rs.1300.

Buy Here

  • Wynk Me

Launched by the renowned celebrity makeup artist Chandni Girdhar, these 100% natural 3D mink eyelashes are everything a girl wants to look glam. You may find the price a little steep at Rs.1800 but not when the lashes can be used up to 25 times, easily making them perfect for everyday application. They are endorsed by the popular makeup artist Namrata Soni too and we just can't stop obsessing over them.

Buy at Wynkme & use code 'shaadisaga' to get 10% off (Valid until 21st April)

  • Ardell

A favorite among the makeup artists, these falsies are made of 100% sterilized human hair. They are easy to apply and long-lasting. Priced at Rs.1000 they offer good value for money. Be ready for all the attention when you wear them as they easily take you from day into the night. They also have a unique collection of individual last strands which one can use according to their own prefernce. 

Buy Here

  • HeiressLashes

Priced at Rs. 1500 these lashes are made of mink, are extremely lightweight and offer an all-day wear. With a reusability of up to 20 times, they come in many types from light to thick. Make sure when you lay your hands on them, you buy at least 2 pairs because they get very quickly out of stock.

Buy at Heiress Beauty & use code 'shaadisaga15' to get 15% off (Valid until 31st March)

  • Other Brands

Other makeup brands that do justice to these beauties are Makeup Forever, Mac, Sephora, and Inglot. While there are many more other companies selling fake lashes in India, it will be a wise idea to only stick to the ones mentioned. Give them a try and we guarantee that you will instantly be transported to the divaland. Available at all Mac, Sephora and Inglot stores Pan India.

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Anything else you would like to know about fake lashes or know of other brands selling them? Please share in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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Everything a Bride needs to know about Fake Eyelashes & Where to buy them

by Surbhi Gupta

Everything a Bride needs to know about Fake Eyelashes & Where to buy them