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We are what we are because of our parents, and they need to be celebrated, loved, appreciated, and pampered EVERY SINGLE DAY. But when the entire world gets together to celebrate fatherhood, we can't resist joining the wagon. So this father's day, we take you on a tear-sobbing yet heartwarming ride. We show you a glimpse of the emotions that a father witnesses at his daughter's wedding.

Raising a daughter with utmost love, care, and pampering and then bidding her adieu for her matrimonial journey is easier said than done! Only a father's heart can understand the weighty blend of pain and joy he experiences at his little doll's wedding. Both bride and her father share many hearty moments during the revelries - an unspoken storm of emotions whirls up when your father sees you dressed as a bride for the first time; there are beaming smiles when he walks you down the aisle towards your forever bliss; the much-awaited father-daughter dance performance always turns emotional and tears are shed, comforting hugs are shared; and then, there is, of course, vidaai aka the final goodbye! Sobbing already? 

Well, keep'em tissues handy as we take you through some beautiful captures of fathers at their daughters' wedding revelries!

Emotional Photos Of Fathers At Their Daughter's Wedding

The Joy Of Seeing You Dressed As A Bride!

When He Can't Help But Go All Emotional During The Dance Performance!

Of course, He Will Do Anything To Make You Smile Even At Your Wedding!

Sealed Lips, Watery Eyes and A Heavy Heart!

He Just Wants To Shower You With His Blessings!

He's All Proud To Walk His Darling Daughter Down The Aisle!

He'll Always Watch Over Your Steps!

He Can't Help But Adore You - The Most Precious Peace Of His Heart

His Expression Says It All! :(

Immense Happiness For The New Chapter Of Your Life

Father Is Always A Daughter's Biggest Cheerleader

He Will Always Need Your Love!

The Wide Smiles & Sheer Happiness To Have A New Addition In The Family! 

Trusting The Groom's Family & Hoping They Will Love You The Same!

Heart-Wrenching Vidaai Photos!

Source Sutej Pannu

The Emotional Goodbye!

Only A Father Can Do This - Comforting His Daughter While Being Emotional Himself!

A father and daughter's relation is the most special of all! Just like the bride, her father also goes through a roller coaster of emotions on the wedding day, and these photographs are a beauteous proof of the same!


Wishing a very happy father's day to all the lovely daddies out there!

25 Emotional Photos That Show How A Father Feels At His Daughter's Wedding

by Medha Chawla

25 Emotional Photos That Show How A Father Feels At His Daughter's Wedding