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A maang tikka is that ultimate piece of wedding jewellery which not only amps up your wedding outfit but even your makeup. This jewellery is easy to wear, comes in various shapes and sizes and looks good on literally every girl. While the small maang tikkas have their own charm but we are particularly lusting on those really elaborative ones that everyone notices. 

So, if you’ve had thoughts of donning an extravagant maang tikka on your own wedding then we’ve got photos for you of brides who wore huge maang tikkas on their weddings (we promise, you’re gonna bookmark quite a few!)

Extravagant Maang Tikka Designs

Opt For Maang Tikka For Your Mehendi Function

Mehendi function is a great function to opt for a maang tika and that too a huge one cuz you can’t really don any jewellery on your hands now, can you? Take inspo from these brides who have killed their mehendi looks with these stunning maang tikkas!

Maang Tikka For Your Cocktail/Sangeet Function

For the cocktail or sangeet function, you brides have the full permission to go all out when we talk about the glam factor and nothing talks glam like the maang tikka does. Take inspo from these real brides who wore beautiful maang tikkas and weren’t afraid of going with the biggest options out there! 

Source Studio RDP

Maang Tikka For The Wedding 

Many brides opt for a maang tikka for their wedding day and for all the right reasons cuz this piece of jewellery looks absolutely stunning with that bridal lehenga. So if you wanna go with those huge ones then we’ve got these brides to show you how pretty you can too look in an extravagant maang tikka. 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Shahid Naar

Source Pinterest

Maang Tikka For Your Reception

Now that you’ve tied the knot, it’s time to celebrate and make this last function an event to remember. Don’t hold back on your reception and go for the extravagant maang tikka brides. We swear everyone will be talking about your look for months!


So girlies, which maang tikka have you set your heart on? Let us know in the comments section below!

Elaborative Maang Tikkas That We Are Swooning Over!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Elaborative Maang Tikkas That We Are Swooning Over!