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In today’s time, it makes no sense to give wedding favours with your other half and your photos or hashtags stamped on them. Let’s face it nobody can use it after your wedding ends and the favours will end up in the bin. That’s why we have found the ultimate solution for this- edible wedding favours!

Easy to bulk buy, can be customized and cost-efficient, edible favours are perfect for gifting to your wedding guests. Scroll below to find out what can be gifted as edible wedding favours.

Edible Wedding Favours You Can Gift to Your Guests

1. Popcorn

There’s not a single person who is not fond of popcorn. And, with the array of flavour options out there, popcorn is an excellent choice for gifting to your guests as edible favours!

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2. Chocolates

Romantic, classic, and whatnot, chocolates are a no-brainer when it comes to edible wedding favours. And, if you want to personalize them, you can always get the wrappers customized. Trust us, your guests are gonna love this wedding favour.

3. Brownies

No matter what season or weather, brownies will make a wonderful gift for your wedding guests. You can place a bulk order for brownies and receive them in no time. There’s nothing that can go wrong with this edible wedding favour.

4. Macarons

Easy to consume and a luxurious dessert, macarons are great for gifting to your wedding guests. Whether you choose an assorted box or the same flavour, this edible wedding favour will be a hit amongst all your guests.

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5. Assorted Almonds & Nuts

Weddings are synonymous with almonds and nuts. While nuts and almonds are traditionally gifted with wedding invites, why not opt for them for your edible wedding favours too!? Almonds and nuts also have a longer shelf life, making them the most convenient edible gift for guests!

Source Unsplash

6. A Chips Hamper

A fan of chips!? Or want to gift something that everybody will enjoy? Then get hampers of chips made for your wedding guests. Keep a mixture of 5-6 chips of different flavours in a nice hamper and give them to your wedding guests. Mark our words, all your friends and cousins will love this!

7. Mithai

If you want to take the traditional route, we recommend going with a box of mithai for wedding favours. Mithai is something everyone loves and has grown up eating. Go for those classic Indian desserts to be on the safe side!

Source Unsplash

8. Cold Brew/Tea Tins

If you and your other half are coffee or tea addicts, we recommend gifting your guests jars of cold brew or tea tins. These two drinks will be well appreciated by all of your guests and every time they make a cup, they will think of you and your hubby!

9. Jam- Savory or Sweet

Jam is an unconventional choice but a very good one. From savoury jams to sweet ones, there are so many brands and home bakers who make these. Get in touch with one and gift this edible favour to all your wedding guests on your wedding.

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Which edible wedding favour are you planning on gifting? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Popcorn to Macarons: Edible Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Popcorn to Macarons: Edible Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love