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A lot goes to create the perfect bridal look. We like to believe that the bridal outfit and hairdo go hand-in-hand to create the ideal look. You may have found your dream outfit but till the time your hairdo isn’t top-notch, the look is not complete. Well, at least the good part right now about the wedding day is that most of the brides go with a floral bun so the bridal hairdo choice automatically becomes more effortless. And, nothing is trending more than a double floral bun right now. Dual floral buns consist of two different colours of flowers combined. So, if you’re a fan of this hairdo, then scroll below to take inspiration from these real brides who went with the top dual floral hairstyle and looked ravishing!

Popular Dual Floral Hairstyle Buns on Real Brides

1. Classic Red & White Hair Buns

One of the most classic floral hair buns for brides has to be the red and white one. This floral combination has been around for ages and has always been a hot favourite of brides. This hairdo is not only great if you’re opting for a red lehenga but if you’re wearing a white lehenga, this hair bun will look exceptional.

2. Best Pink & White Bun Hairstyles 

Have a day wedding? Or donning a pastel bridal outfit? Then simply go with a pink and white hair bun. Ladies, this is new, in vogue and with the number of pink colour flowers out there, the options are plenty.

And, if you want inspiration, scroll below and bookmark some of our favourite floral buns donned by these real brides!

Source Floristaa

3. Latest Multicoloured Floral Hairdo Buns

We have our red and white combo and the pink and white one. Then we have the multicoloured one which is super fresh, a favourite of millennial brides and so stunning that you cannot help but go with it on your big day.

Ladies, some of these hair buns are simply ethereal and gorgeous at the same time!

Source Sabyasachi

4. Fresh & Unique Floral Buns

We have surely seen colour combinations such as reds and whites or reds and pinks but today we have found the most unique colour combinations when it comes to floral buns. From unique flowers in green and white to colour combinations of red and golden, scroll below to check out the brands that stood out thanks to their floral buns!

Source Sabyasachi


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Dual Floral Buns Are Here & We're All For It!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Dual Floral Buns Are Here & We're All For It!