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Source Nuts for Us

Whether you are presenting it to the bride and groom or giving them out as wedding favours- gifts are an extremely important part of a wedding celebration. After all, cheery and heartwarming celebrations like weddings deserve impeccable gifts that stand out. Gifts are also one of the most exciting parts of a wedding. While the new and unique kind of wedding gifts and favours are trending like a storm, nothing beats the age-old traditional gifts in the form of dry fruits and sweets! You are gifting someone a substance of value and health, and Nuts For Us does it with quite a flare.  

Dry fruit gifts are every person's go-to gift at weddings and we're not complaining. After all, traditional wedding gifts and favours like dry fruits are irreplaceable. They have their own slew of pros when it comes to gifting them to your loved ones. And thanks to brands like Nuts For Us, gifting dry fruits to loved ones at weddings has become easier than ever. 

Whether you're here to know why gifting dry fruits at weddings are right for you, or if you are looking for dry fruit hamper options, just scroll down below to learn more!

Dry Fruit Gifting As Wedding Favours

Why Are Dry Fruit Gifts So Popular At Weddings?

We're already aware of the importance of gifts at any wedding ceremony. Both guests and hosts exchange gifts, and many even send some along with the wedding invitation, in order to express joy and gratitude for the occasion. Wedding favours and gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation towards the receiver, and what can be better than the gift of health itself? Dry Fruits, nuts, and seeds are the ultimate form of a gift because of their sustainable nature, their health quotient, and their wellness benefits. In today’s gifting culture, packaging and presentation are key. Therefore, people started gifting westernized presents such as sweets and other exotic-looking treats. However, with a brand like Nuts For Us, gifting dry fruits in the wedding celebrations has become quite a rage. Nuts For Us takes traditionality in terms of dry fruits and presents it with a beautiful aesthetic to complement the trending wedding style. 

 For years, we've seen traditional items like dry fruits play an important role at weddings. But the question is why? Why do we give dry fruits at a wedding? What's the importance of the said gift, apart from its health benefits and price point?

Source Nuts for Us

Well, for years, it has been believed that gifting dry fruits marks the onset of an auspicious event and also sets a rather regal tone for the wedding. Due to the nutritional value of dry fruits, they've been incorporated into our traditions for centuries. Also known to be part of the 'Panch Mewa' in Hindu traditions, dry fruits are considered to be an auspicious part of our age-old culture. 

Since inviting your dear ones for the auspicious occasion of marriage is a beautiful illustration of Indian historical traditions, it is only right to give out traditional gifts like dry fruits!

The Practicality Of Gifting Dry Fruits

Honestly, nothing can really go wrong with gifting dry fruits. They're probably one of the safest and most exquisite ways of gifting at a wedding celebration. Useful for everyone, and they come in attractive gift hampers. Not convinced enough? Then there are a few of the reasons why we believe dry fruits to be one of the best gift options for a wedding:

1. Dry Fruits Are Packaged Beautifully

Source Nuts for Us

Let's be honest, shall we? Dry fruits are now packaged like they're a stunning and expensive collection of bridal jewels. The boxes and/or platters that they come in are so pretty that the packaging is stored for re-gifting or displaying! The packaging of dry fruits and other nut products is lavish and opulent, making them easy, ideal and worthwhile as wedding gifts and favours!

2. Dry Fruits Are Classified As Superfoods

Yes, you read that right. The term superfood applies to food items which are superior to other foods in terms of nutritional value. Of all the diets and food charts that you may be following out there, dry fruits play a major role in all of them. Even a small amount of these superfoods can supply abundant nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Dry fruits just like berries and nuts are high on antioxidants. They are also high in other nutrients and some dry fruits are believed to have unique properties like that they prevent ageing, sharpen intellect and much more.

3. Send A Positive Message of Good Health

Every gift has an underlying message attached to it. It's not something written, but you just feel it the moment you open a gift. And when it comes to gifting items like dry fruits and other related products, the message is that of good health for the receiver. And nothing touches one's heart more than a sincere wish of good health and fortune! Thus, because dry fruits come with immense health benefits and prevent several diseases, why not gift your family and friends good health? Instead of sending out empty calories in the form of chocolates and sweets, give your loved ones a pack of dry fruits, which is goodness in its best form!

4. Rare Dry Fruits Stand Out In A Crowd

Source Nuts for Us

Not all dry fruits are your typical household names. Rare dry fruits and nuts like pecans, macadamia nuts, Afghani Munakka, blueberries and hazelnuts are not often bought by people due to their exotic nature. Therefore, gifting boxes full of rare and exotic nuts and dry fruits can set you apart from others. It also shows the extra effort you put by going the extra mile by choosing exotic nuts and dry fruits as wedding gifts and favours. 

5. A Touch of Luxury

Dry fruits have always been known to add a touch of luxury to any event. Once reserved as luxurious gifts for royals, dry fruits are such a staple at not just weddings but also at all sorts of Indian festivals. Therefore, gifting them at weddings not only adds the much-needed touch of opulence but also is a way of wishing your loved ones with prosperity and wealth. You can pick your choice from a range of dry fruits or even choose a box of assorted ones through brands like Nuts For Us, where not only will you get top quality products but also amazing packaging, which is definitely a fitting gift for weddings that display exorbitance. 

6. Longer Shelf Lives

We all know that gifts with longer shelf life are always more practical to give to someone. Especially when it comes to something edible. Items like sweets, chocolates, or cakes have a very limited shelf life. Thus, if you're ever even planning to send something to the bride and groom as a wedding gift, other edible items are generally struck out as options. But not dry fruits and nuts! Dry fruits and nuts have longer shelf lives and remain fresh for a long time. Similarly, if you're unable to attend your friend's wedding, you can always send a package of dry fruits and nuts to the newlyweds by ordering them online! Thus, making them an ideal option as not just a wedding favour but also as a wedding gift. 

Dry Fruits & Nuts Are Can Be Used In Various Other Ways

Source Nuts for Us

Dry fruits and nuts are such a versatile food item. You can eat them whole, or you can use them as an ingredient for many other food items like cakes, cookies, granola, healthy snacks etc. Having dry fruits and nuts at home is great for you to use them in various ways to create new and exciting food items!

1. Choose Hampers By Nuts For Us As Your Next Wedding Gift!

Source Nuts for Us

If you're getting married soon, your mind is probably rummaging for ideas for wedding favours. And you know what's a great addition to your wedding favours? Dry fruits & nuts! We've already spoken all about the benefits of choosing dry fruits as a gifting option. Now, whether you're planning individual items as favours or hampers of essential items, dry fruits and nuts make an ideal choice to add to this list.

2. Individual Nuts & Dry Fruit Packages As Wedding Favours

Source Nuts for Us

If you're bored of the same old almonds, cashews and pistachios, you can always choose more exotic nuts like hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, munakka (golden raisins), pine nuts, etc. Our favourite place to pick out these dry fruits and nuts is Nuts For Us- a brand dedicated to delivering the top quality of dry fruits and nuts. You can choose from their exotic range of dry fruits on their website, and even order in bulk! You can be assured that you'll get excellent products in great packaging from their platform!

3. Hampers As Wedding Gifts

Exotic nuts and dry fruits hampers are super edgy and are making a roaring comeback with their newly enhanced packaging. Exotic dried fruits like blueberries, cranberries, apricots, kiwis etc., make up for some amazing luxe wedding gifts. They stay fresh for a long time and boy, are they gonna have everybody impressed! Here are a few amazing gift hampers by Nuts For Us that will make for stunning and practical wedding gifts:

A. Box Of Wellness

A mix of  Iranian Mamra Almonds, roasted and lightly salted Iranian Pistachios and Californian Walnuts.

Source Nuts for Us

MRP:  ₹2,100  | BUY HERE

B. Signature Gift Box By Nuts For Us

The Nuts For Us Signature Collection Box 1 contains a set of cold-pressed oils along with a set of California Almonds, California Walnuts & Cashews, all packaged into a neat and classy black box.

Source Nuts for Us

MRP:  ₹2,500 | BUY HERE

C. Nuts For Us Gifting Box 1

This amazing gift hamper by the brand contains Iranian Mamra, Cashews, Californian Walnuts and Afghani Munakka for those who relish delicious exotic nuts.

Source Nuts for Us

MRP: ₹3,100.00 | BUY HERE


So, what are you waiting for? Buy and gift these delicious dry fruits to your loved ones! 

Dry Fruit Gifting- A Wedding Trend To Never Let Go Of

by Shivani Singh

Dry Fruit Gifting- A Wedding Trend To Never Let Go Of