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South Indian weddings are well known for their refreshing, rustic and larger than life aesthetics. And the modern South Indian bride is no exception to these elements. Every time we think of a South Indian bride, images of royal and pure silk Kanjivaram, heavy temple jewellery designs, an OTT gold studded blouse and hair laden with flowers and pearl pop up in our heads. She's shy yet confident, there's a traditional vibe to her, yet she always brings forth something whimsical and contemporary to her ensemble. It's pure heavenly and divine!

But for every South Indian bride, there's a fine line between looking like a goddess or looking too overdone. And that's why, before your D-Day's here, every detail (small or big) needs to be looked over. You need to ensure that all the elements of your ensemble are in synchronisation and nothing is out of place. While you should be able to incorporate everything in your attire, it shouldn't overwhelm you.

Thus, to ensure that you look your best and feel you best on one of the most important days of your life, here are a few Do's & Don'ts a South Indian bride should take heed of!

Bookmark These 10 Do's & Don'ts For South Indian Brides

#1 Do: Buy Your Saree First & Customise Your Blouse Later

We know you have a million ideas for your blouse design and you're eager to see them come to life, but we'd suggest that you purchase your saree first. And do that early. Like you should ensure that the first kind of wedding shopping you ever do is your wedding saree. Then, move on to get your blouse made and of course, you're allowed to bring your best ideas to life.

#2 Don't: Look For A Cheaper Material

It's your wedding day and you deserve to wear a dashing Kanjivaram- the ultimate queen of silks! So, we urge you to splurge. Don't go around looking for something cheaper which claims to be silk, but isn't. Silk sarees come in all sorts of ranges, so we'd always advise our future brides to go to a well-renowned store to buy their wedding sarees so that the seller doesn't dupe you into buying a bad material which cannot be preserved for longer use. 

#3 Do: Pick Contrasting Colours That Compliment Your Look

One of the best trends we've ever come across in South Indian bridal fashion are contrasting colours in outfits. We love brides who wear contrasting coloured blouses and we suggest that if you're a bride to be, then you should choose a colour that contrasts with your saree's colour. After all, you're bound to get them embellished in the most exquisite designs, so you should opt for a contrasting colour that makes your eyes pop!

#4 Don't: Focus Just On A One-Sided Look

A lot of times, we see that brides focus only on the front side of their look. Which means that they'll load themselves up in the most exquisite jewellery, tie their hair in the most wonderful ways, and even get the most mesmerising makeup done. However, brides should never miss the back look of their sarees and always pay attention to their hair, as it brings the whole look together and will complete your bridal look. After all, you should look fabulous at your wedding and not shabby. 

#5 Do: Keep It Traditional & Classic

A lot of times, brides-to-be will go over the top to bring something new to their bridal look. They sometimes blindly follow trends or think of creating a new one. But there is a fine line between looking gorgeous or just overdoing it. So, we always suggest that brides should keep their look traditional and classic while dropping a few hints of the experiment left and right. But all in all, keep the experimentation to a minimum. 

#6 Don't: Go Overboard

Like we said before, going overboard with your look is just not the right kind of look on any bride. Yes, everyone should go ahead and be the brightly studded bride. This means that you might have to leave out a few things in your look if you think that it's too much to carry. After all, you should be comfortable and should be able to have fun during the wedding and not just bothering with adjusting the extra stuff. 

#7 Do: Book A Makeup & Hair Trial

One of the best things you can ever do as a future bride is that you get a trial hair and makeup session before booking a makeup artist. A lot of times bride's end up booking their makeup artists and hairstylists without any prior experience with them, just based on photographs. However, you do not want to get caught in an awkward moment where the hairstylist and makeup artist aren't able to deliver your desired look. Thus, we suggest that you get a trial done beforehand!

#8 Don't: Follow Magazine Trends Blindly

Okay, we've all seen the magazines and you've seen our blogs as well. But the biggest problems with chasing trends is that you'll never be sure how it looks on you until you've tried the whole look properly. So, before you go around pinning the trends you like from all the famous wedding fashion magazines or blogs, make sure that the said trend looks good on you and can be carried appropriately in a wedding. 

#9 Do: Add An Antique Token To Your Look

South Indian brides are known to wear some of the most exquisite varieties of jewellery. They're the one part of their outfit that looks gorgeous. However, this one goes for all the brides, whether from the north or the south. Add an antique to your look. It can be a piece of jewellery passed down from your mother, or maybe even a clothing item. It can be the smallest of things like a nose ring, or a simple ring passed down in your family or even something as big as your mother's wedding saree. Adding an antique token to your look always adds a sentimental value to your wedding celebration. 

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#10 Don't: Get Pegged Down By All Kinds Of Traditions

Often we witness brides confused about the traditions that they should adhere to during their weddings. After all, South Indian weddings are a melange of cultural traditions. However, sometimes we get the odd birds in the form of relatives and old friends that might inform you of a million traditions that you should follow during a wedding celebration. Some that may even make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you had no idea that they existed before! So, we suggest you stick to what you know. Don't get pegged down by all kinds of wedding traditions that seem alien to you. Only follow those that your family adhere to or consider relevant. 


Have any more tips to share for the future bride to be? Leave them down in the comments!

Dos And Don'ts For The Modern South Indian Bride

by Shivani Singh

Dos And Don'ts For The Modern South Indian Bride