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So you entered that store with a pocket full of dreams of what your ideal outfit should look like, and the gossip massi or that over friendly friend engage you in some other conversation or tell you to buy this or that. Here, we at Shaadisaga tell you, certain people, who are annoying and who you should not take along when shopping for your bridal outfits.

1. Any group in excess of 3 people

The more viewpoints you have, the more baffled you get to finalize on your most important outfit. One person says that he/she likes it but the other people have their opinion, and you are liking it very much. You tend to go in the confusion state and not take a lot of time to take a decision.

2. Your brother

Taking your brother along with you is actually a headache. They are best to be taken for liquor shopping or their own clothes, not for yours, please! Usually, any guy has a very low patience level for shopping. Plus, they are a novice in colour recognition. But obviously, you will not want to buy anything by not doing a recce of the market.

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3. Your sister-in-law

The awkwardness this relationship holds is the reason you should never go shopping. Even though you did not like the outfit but with she praising it, you would have to take it. So prefer taking someone who can take a stand for you.

4. Friends who are not of the same shape and size

A big part of choosing your lehenga is going to be seeing it for yourself and obviously a very close friend who is of the same shape. Sometimes when you see the outfit on someone else, is exactly when you can tell whether you love it or not. So prefer taking someone who is close to you and is also the same type of body.

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5. Someone who doesn't know the stores really well

Have a friend who knows an area like on her tips. If you will take someone who has no clue, it will be a toll on time. So much time you can save with someone who knows her way around town. Also whether we like it or not, connections will get you faster service, more variety of lehenga and the most importantly the discounts.

Who do you think can be annoying and a pain in the a** Comment below! Tag at your own risk

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Don't Take These People Along When You're Bridal Shopping

by Sanchita Sehgal

Don't Take These People Along When You're Bridal Shopping