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If we got to pick the most fun and thrilling wedding function, it would be mehndi. Mehndi ceremonies and funky, exciting and relaxed at the same time! Decorating the venue for this special occasion, therefore, is essential. As you read further, we bring to you the most gorgeous DIY ideas that can be used as wedding decor items at your mehndi celebration. These are pretty, unique, thoughtful and budget-friendly. Check them out, today!

Best DIY Decor Ideas for Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi decorations are no longer confined to the same classic genda photobooths & floral backdrops, with so many quirky decoration elements taking over the Indian wedding scenes. With time, they have become popular and are now all about funky, inexpensive & DIY-able stuff. More and more cute items such as tassels, terrariums, glass bottles and dreamcatchers have been spotted integrated into mehndi decorations. They immediately add a splash of colour to your Mehndi surroundings, bringing them a step above, whether used in table settings, sitting lounges, backdrops or cosy corners.

1. We Have Swooned Over This Vibrant Kites Used As Decor Items

We think we can stare at this gorgeous view forever! All they used was some happy colourful kites to create this breathtakingly beautiful mehndi ceremony decor for the bride-to-be! We can feel the vibes, what about you? 

2. These Floating Flowers Are Simply So Gorgeous!

Use a brass vessel or just a stone bowl (as shown below) and fill it with water and artificial floating flowers or real flowers. You can add floating candles along with them, too. They are going to look stunning at the entrance of the wedding venue or just around the venue, placed in a line.

3. Colourful Kettles Are A Saviour!

The table setting is an essential element of any decor set up! So, we bring to you these pretty freshly painted kettles in the most vibrant colours to make sure that the vibes of your mehndi ceremony remain chirpy.

4. These Cutesy Conical Floral Adornments Have Our Hearts!

We are crashing over these uber-cute floral cones arranged in a perfect picturesque setup. Not only are these a perfect addition of colour to your mehndi ceremony decor but it also is a gorgeous backdrop for your mehndi pictures. This one, we believe, is a must-try.

Source Pinterest

5. The ‘Ever-So-Popular’ Bangle Decor Blended With Painted Branches

We are amazed to see something so simple and effortless can look so sophisticated and pretty. All they did to create this beautiful piece of decor was to paint some branches of a plant white and hang colourful bangles around! Doesn’t it take your breath away?!

6. Another Bangle Adorning Your Mehndi Ceremony Decor

These colourful bangles tied together and hung around your mehndi venue are going to amp up your mehndi decor and celebrations. Not just that, this is a perfect backdrop for your special mehndi pictures that are going to remind you of this day forever.

Source wedred

7. Dreamcatchers Are Just So Gorgeous, They Amp Up Any Setting You Wish To Decorate!

How could we not talk about these pretty pieces of decor when we are talking about hanging decorations around your mehndi venue? These gorgeous decor items are simply a must-have. You can buy these in bulk from the market nearby or simply create your dreamcatcher!

8. Rajasthani Katputli (Puppet) Is The Desi Tadka To Add To Your Mehndi Decor

This gorgeous decor item is rapidly growing popular among mehndi ceremonies across the country and we couldn’t be happier! This perfect touch of tradition in our modern mehndi ceremonies make them even more special!

Source Pinterest

9. Create A Photowall To Let Your Guests Walkthrough A Memory Lane

Welcome your guest to your venue by letting them walk through your special love story by creating photo walls like this one and hanging them around your venue! Don’t forget to write special messages in between the pictures to make it even more personal! 

Source Pinterest

10. Trunks Painted In Happy And Vibrant Colours Are SO GORGEOUS!

These fancy painted trunks embellished with beautiful floral arrangements are another fun mehndi decor item which you can add to your wedding venue. Stack them in a corner and create a picture booth of them.

Source Pinterest

11. Colourful Curtains And Enchanting Fairy Lights!

This probably is the most common style of decor opted by decorators in mehndi ceremonies, but this simply can’t get old. The classic combination of pink and yellow is adding charm to the entire setting.

Source Pinterest

12. Floral Cutting Chai Cups For Table Setting!

These super funky and trendy chai glasses filled with flowers are often used by decorators to enhance the settings of the table and to display flower shower petals.

13. The Ever-So-Popular Origami Cranes!

We are never going to get enough of these funky origami cranes. It has been a long time since decorators infused origami cranes into Mehndi festivities, but even today their charm remains intact. This is a perfect decor element for you if you are looking for something pretty but budget-friendly

14. Fun Idea - Paint Those Bottles Yourself!

We are absolutely in love with this frame. Not only is this a great decoration idea but a gorgeous picture backdrop. To add more fun to the party, you can choose to paint these bottles yourself & enjoy a mini-holi with your friends!

Source Pinterest

15. Decorating The Way To Your Venue With These Pretty Streamers

One of the best DIY options and the simplest of them all is streamers. All you have to do is to shop and tie them! If you happen to have a passage at your place, simply tie them together. Hang them on the ceiling with pom-pom extensions in others, if you do not mind doing a little more hard work. And the fairy lights do magic, of course, as always!

16. Write An Intriguing Quote On A Chalkboard

Get a chalkboard which is easily available in any nearby market and write an interesting quote on it to share a good smile with your guest. Instead, you can also choose to inscribe text in funky fonts on a wooden to add to your quirky mehndi ceremony setting. 

17. Charming Jaipur Umbrellas For You!

These sparkling Jaipuri umbrellas are not to be missed. For most decorators, in particular, when it comes to mehndi decorations, they have become a go-to choice. The perfect blend of vibrance and bling!

18. Pretty Mason Jars To Add To Your Decor

For quite a while, Mason jars have become one of the trendiest fashions in decor and are super versatile and readily available in local markets. ' They fit best as the centrepieces, just tie a knot of jute rope on it and fill it with baby's breath flowers.

19. Our Favourite Mehndi Decor Is This One With Tassels

We mean, just look at that! Where’s the need to explain? This special seating arrangement for the bride adorned with tassels is taking our hearts away!

20. Painted Tyre Crafts Looks Super Gorgeous!

Spray paint old tires and tie a bunch of flowers on the side of it and hang them around the venue for a scenic party venue view.

Final Thoughts!

These are the top 20 trending DIY Mehndi decor ideas that we found doing rounds on the internet. Got more ideas? We would love to know! DM us, today! We hope that you found the inspiration you were looking for. Also, follow us to get notified every time, we upload a blog for you! 


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20 Best DIY DECOR Ideas For Mehndi Ceremony

by Apoorva Saxena

20 Best DIY DECOR Ideas For Mehndi Ceremony