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Isn’t it time we invested some time and energy in coming up with unique return gifts that the guests remember for long? We've done it for our mehndis and made sure they're beautiful things. Now, now. They don’t need to be overly expensive; you see, when it comes to weddings, it’s often how things are presented that matters more than the gift itself. It’s about the whole ‘package’ really! So, here go a few thoughtful ideas for return gifts that are sure to be a big hit among your guests.

The tradition of gifting return gifts at parties is a time-honoured one. Giving return gifts is a way of thanking your guests for making the effort to come and ensuring that they leave with satisfied hearts. However, we’re officially stunned at the lack of newness in the 'return-gift' department! Thus, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to invest some time and energy into coming up with unique gift ideas, especially for wedding functions like poojas, mata ki chowkis and sunderkand paath.

Themed gifts for your guests centred around different kinds of poojas aren’t given enough attention or credit. In fact, it’s very difficult to find something that speaks true to the theme. If your party or gathering is being attended by a lot of people especially people who are elderly, then a safe gift option would be something religious like an idol of a god or goddess, or artefacts with religious motifs and images. But that was in the past. Now, with new options emerging every day, you can easily get gorgeous pooja themed gift boxes to give to your friends and family. One such emerging brand is Pen Aur Paper. 

So, without further ado, scroll down and check out all the amazing bhakti boxes offered by Pen Aur Paper that will surely add more value to your gift-giving customs!

Divine Bhakti Gift Boxes By Pen Aur Paper

MRP: Rs 600 | BUY HERE

In India, religious events are such a vital part of our lives. Gifts that are based on the theme of divinity give people a feeling of hope and goodwill. A lot of people associate spirituality with luck and prosperity. Gifting people with objects related to it is a sure-shot way to get their approval! 

But the main task is finding such boxes ready to be shipped and delivered to your loved ones without searching too much. And that’s where the brand Pen Aur Paper comes in!

MRP: Rs 600 | BUY HERE

Known for their stunning in house stationery and divine bhakti gift boxes, Pen Aur Paper is a popularly growing lifestyle brand and the brainchild of Gagan Dhawan of RHI Printographics. The brand’s website is host to a range of stationery and lifestyle products that are beautifully designed and minimal, all the while bringing an original and inspirational element with them to your homes. The brand prides itself in creating products that are 100% Made in India and one of their prime products is their gorgeous range of Bhakti Chalisa Boxes. If you’re someone interested in giving spiritual themed gift boxes, then this is the right brand for you! For more information on their gift boxes, scroll below!

Bhakti Box

MRP: Rs 2,999 | BUY HERE

The Bhakti Box by Pen Aur Paper is a beautifully designed collection that is just the right item to add a touch of spirituality and devotion to anyone’s morning. The set comprises 15 of the most popular chalisas and 1 Geeta Saar all put together in beautifully designed booklets. While the set comes in a pre-prepped box by the brand, they also customise them to fit a customer’s needs. These boxes are ideal and premium gifts for small poojas held during wedding celebrations. 

Asht Chalisa Box

MRP: Rs 1,999  | BUY HERE

Another great collection from the brand is their Asht Chalisa Box. The box comes in a gorgeous pink with an ‘Om’ engraved in the entre. The box includes 7 chalisas and 1 Geeta Saar. The design of this pastel box is chic and luxurious and another feature is that it’s customizable, just like the Bhakti box. So, you can easily get the box customized with names of the people you wish them to be given to, or your wedding hashtag or even the bride and groom’s names! 

Sunderkand Box

MRP: Rs 900 | BUY HERE

The sunderkand box is based on the sunderkand, the fifth book from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Sunderkand is the only chapter of the Ramayana where the central character was Hanuman, instead of Rama and depicts the adventures of Hanuman along with his selflessness, strength and devotion to Rama. The beautiful vermillion coloured box comes with a hardbound book containing the sunderkand, which not only is designed with premium quality material but feels luxurious to touch and is perfect for gifting at pooja events. 

Every auspicious decision or moment is celebrated by hosting a religious event by families to invoke divine blessings. And such events always require gifts to give in return to those who attend and share these moments with you. 

So, head on over to and check out all their amazing gift collections!


So, what are your thoughts on these gorgeous gift boxes? Be sure to check out more wedding favor options here!

These Divine Gift Boxes Are The Perfect Pooja Favors For You!

by Shivani Singh

These Divine Gift Boxes Are The Perfect Pooja Favors For You!