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For a love story to work, timing can sometimes be everything and in the case of Divay and Kriti (our real couple for today), it was all about having the perfect timing. Their story is rather different than the ones you’ve read before. It’s got all the right elements like surprises, destiny, and about a few million hardships. 

Introducing Divay & Kriti's #IntimateWedding

Tune back to two years when Kriti ran into a batchmate and her friend insisted on setting Kriti up with her husband’s best friend who also happened to live in New York around the same time as Kriti. Our bride right here had no plans back then to settle down so she brushed off the idea completely. But then the next year, Kriti bumped into another batchmate who was persistent in setting Kriti with a lovely guy. This time Kriti was game for the idea and little did she know that it was the same guy her former batchmate wanted to set her up with. 

Our bride in her defence said, "I only realized this after I met Divay on our first date. Divay claims he didn’t conspire this and it was destiny, but I still have my doubts!"

But this is not even the beginning of their happily ever after. Our couple duo came back from the US in March for their Roka ceremony right after which India went into a lockdown and the US became an epicentre of the crisis at the time. Seeing the situation, both of them decided to stay back in their respective cities with their parents in Jaipur and Bhopal. 

However, after being in a long-distance relationship for two months, Kriti got her dream job back in New York. With this job opportunity coming up so unexpectedly, Kriti and Devay had to find a way back to the US like literally ASAP. To top it up, both side parents were little hesitant for them living in New York together before getting hitched

'Living together without getting married was not going to fly with Indian parents!'

Their problems were just beginning to pile up cos for starters, Kriti’s brother was stuck in a rescue cruise ship from the US. Then, Divay would have to travel from Jaipur to Bhopal amidst India being in complete lockdown. Divay’s parents were not going to be able to travel 10-12 hours by road due to health reasons.  

The cherry on top of this couple was to prep everything within two days. Right from arranging the travel permit for Divay, his sister and brother-in-law to finding a pandit, this duo who had no plans on getting hitched while the lockdown was going on, did it all. Kriti likes to give the credit to her family and their wonderful friends who helped Divay and her dream come true. 

Our groom also somehow managed to have a designer boutique open up in Jaipur for him from where he got his ideal wedding sherwani made. Our lovely bride had her mom to the rescue cos mommy dearest had bought a Banarsi saree a few months back for Kriti which she wore on her wedding day. With the Fuschia saree, Kriti wore her mom’s ravishing jewellery that looked drop-dead-gorgeous on her. Both the bride and groom looked exceptional, maybe that’s why every guest suspected them of lying about the whole ‘last-minute wedding!’ 

This duo had two nights of celebrations starting with the mehndi function where they had a live performer playing jazz on saxophone and one on the keyboard. 

With a total of 10 guests (including the happy couple), Kriti and Divay tied the knot at the bride’s home. They had shehnai played for baraat, pheras with live keyboards, electronic guitar, and the mandap was set up against a water fixture with fresh flowers as the backdrop. 

Kriti and her family took extra measures to ensure the safety precautions of everyone. Her parents were able to acquire a huge sanitisation machine, all the workers were known domestic help of extended families and the musicians were asked to maintain distance with the guests. Also, they didn’t have any catering done to avoid any risks. The bride had a set of amazing friends and family who prepared food and sent it to her house despite not physically being a part of the wedding. 

The wedding ceremony was simply perfect. It was intimate, happy, and super safe. 

Final Words From The Bride

"There is a lot of pressure on the bride to look good on their wedding day, which I completely understand. I didn’t have the option to go shopping and pick my wedding outfit. And honestly, I enjoyed this carefree wedding. My saree was so light that I was able to dance around my house, play with my dog on the floor. It was beautiful and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My only suggestion would be to just go for it. Trust your parents to do the best they can in that situation. And top of all, if you can dance at the baraat even though you are the bride, do it and make sure you take your entire family along! We had the best time because it wasn’t just the groom’s baraat, we had a ‘combined baraat' and it was beautiful," said Kriti. 


Wedding Photographer: Plush Affairs

Plush Affairs did my wedding photography. Being a professional fashion photographer myself, I can’t press enough on how good of a job they have done. I was blessed with a great team and that’s why the wedding looked so seamless.

Bridal Outfits: Zee’s By Tajwar Studio 

Zee’s by Tajwar studio made my blouse literally in one day! She did a fabulous job, the overall outfit with all the jewellery looked stunning.

Hair & Makeup Artist: Manish Atle

Manish Atle did my hair and makeup. I had worked with him earlier as well and could trust him to do a great job.

Event Planner: Kalammkari Events

Aparnna Motwani, Kalammkari events, did our wedding decorations and artist management. Luckily she had done the decorations at our Roka as well in March. Honestly, nobody could believe we planned the wedding in 2 days! The decoration was spectacular. She did an incredible job! The mandap was set up against a water fixture as the back-drop in my home garden, with fresh flowers.  


Wedding Photographer: Plush Affairs | Wedding Venue: Bride's home in Bhopal | Event Planner: Kalammkari Events | Hair & Makeup: Manish Atle | Bridal Outfits: Mom's Saree, Zee’s By Tajwar Studio 


Which was your aww moment of this wedding? Do tell us in the comments section below!

A Beautiful #IntimateWedding in Bhopal Where This Couple Had A 'Combined Baraat'

by Shweghna Gursahaney

A Beautiful #IntimateWedding in Bhopal Where This Couple Had A 'Combined Baraat'