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Every family has its quirks and dynamics, but for some, it can be challenging for some people more than others. When your other half has a difficult family, things might get a tad sensitive and difficult but it will only get better if you discuss the subject beforehand and keep transparency. Scroll below to get tips for talking to your partner about their difficult family.

Ultimate Tips to Have Open Communication

The Right Time & Place

It is crucial to pick the right time and place when bringing up the subject of his difficult family with your other half. Choose a time when both your other half and you are relaxed and composed. Trust us, the conversation will be much more fruitful at the right time.

Be Empathetic & Understanding

Nobody likes to hear negative comments or points about their loved ones so it is crucial to be empathetic and understanding throughout the conversation. Acknowledge that family dynamics can be complicated and that it's normal to have mixed feelings about them!

Source Ombre by HJ

Set Boundaries

A great way to ensure that nobody gets into fights is by setting clear boundaries. Have a list of topics that are a big no-no and agree to compromise on topics that do not bother you so much. Encourage open communication and teamwork when it comes to enforcing boundaries and protecting your relationship.

Find Solutions

The whole point of sharing with your other half about their difficult family is so that he/she helps you find solutions. Remember, they would know better the right way to deal with the family members without getting into unnecessary fights.

Don’t Forget to Listen Without Judging

It is very easy to feel like your feelings are not heard or that your other half is taking sides. But, you need to give your partner the space to express their thoughts and feelings without interrupting or passing judgment. Once they feel heard, they will be much more open to finding a solution for you.

Source Ombre by HJ

Prioritise Your Relationship

At the end of the day, remember to prioritise your relationship. Remember that you and your other half are a team and that your love and support for each other can help you navigate even the most difficult family situations!


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Building Bridges: Discussing Your Partner’s Family Challenges with Sensitivity

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Building Bridges: Discussing Your Partner’s Family Challenges with Sensitivity