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Have you ever wondered what kind of wedding are you going to have; whether it's going to be an elaborate affair or a close-knit one?! Well, for all the joyous celebrations and merrymaking that Indian weddings are about, it is only fitting that you put a lot of thought and planning into the type of affair you want your wedding to be.

Right from keeping a tab on the budget, deciding your wedding decor or theme to finalizing your looks, planning your wedding in the best possible way is essential. Be it a lavish extravagant wedding or a subtle homely affair, everything comes down to how you've envisioned your wedding revelries. But we also understand how mind-boggling it all gets as soon as your wedding dates are finalized especially regarding the type of wedding you'd love to have.

To help you in ideating your wedding amidst the kinds of wedding prevalent and trending, we've enlisted below all the different types of wedding in India being hosted by the couples. These are the basic and the best kind of weddings in India that you can choose from and then begin with your wedding preps accordingly.

Suit yourselves and pick the one that defines you perfectly and gets set planning!

Kinds of Weddings you Should Know About Before Planning Yours

1. Intimate Home Wedding

Hosting a wedding at their own place is something that so many people are getting into of late and well, you can too. If you've got enough space or a lawn that can accommodate a gathering that you desire then get your home beautifully decorated in the latest of ways and get set wed. Make it an upbeat event with quirky photobooths, stylish decor ideas, a unique drinks & food menu and you're good to go. For instance, this couple hosted their Mehndi & Wedding ceremonies at their residence and it was nothing short of a dream! And of course, an intimate home wedding makes up for one of the most different types of weddings in India.

2. Big Fat Destination Wedding

Those larger than life celebrations with crazy & unique pre-wedding parties, extravagant wedding decor, stunning designer outfits and of course, a gorgeous and happening location, big fat Indian destination weddings are a rage and a big hit. Right from choosing a destination, sending invites and types of ceremonies to hiring the planners and vendors, of course, these type of weddings requires a great amount of thoughtful planning. But once everything's sorted, this would definitely end up being the best-est time of your lives.

Source Pink Palki

3. Intimate Destination Wedding

With a steady rise and boom, these type of weddings is the latest wedding style in India. Hosting a destination wedding doesn't necessarily mean that it got to be an avant-garde affair with loads of guests. A close-knit affair with your family and friends at your favorite destination is the type of wedding that's trending. Take cues from this couple's Sri Lankan wedding with only 15 guests or from this Ladakh wedding amidst loved ones.

4. Intimate Destination Wedding with a Reception in Hometown

Another round-up of the intimate destination wedding is this type of wedding wherein if you desire you can throw a reception in your hometown for the rest of the people after your destination wedding. How lowkey or grand you want the reception to be is entirely your choice.

5. Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are one of the best kinds of weddings in India and in fact, everywhere. With a quaint decor, a stunning mandap, quirky beachy favors, fun and upbeat games, golden sand and vast skies and ocean around, a beach wedding is a super dreamy and surreal one. Be it at an Indian destination like Goa or South India or an International destination like Bali or Maldives, a subtle beach wedding or the one with complete sho-sha, a beach wedding is our favorite.

6. Hill Station Wedding

Yet another dreamy type of wedding that you can opt for is a surreal hill station wedding. A beautiful mandap set against a picturesque backdrop amidst lush greens and clear skies would undoubtedly make for a wedding that's everything that dreams are made of. And of course, choosing between a subtle and pretty hill station wedding and an extravagant hill wedding is absolutely your choice.

7. Palace or Fort Wedding

For the aesthetic royal feels and a regal vibe of the entire wedding, a wedding hosted at a palace or a fort is the best kind of wedding you can choose. The grandeur and cultural past of the fort or the palace would unquestionably lend the much-desired magnificence and princely aura to your wedding with bespoke opulence. Be it a charmingly subtle fort wedding in India or a royal wedding at an International palace, the experience is obviously going to be an unforgettable one. And of course, let's not forget the grand Nickyanka wedding at the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur!

8. Banquet or Farm House Wedding

One of the most common and favored kinds of weddings in India are the ones hosted at banquet halls or farmhouses. Booking a venue that fits their criteria followed by caterers and decorators is how generally most of the people like to go about hosting a wedding. Considering the budget, the number of guests and how you wish your wedding to be, a banquet or a farmhouse wedding can be your go-to.


What type of wedding are you planning to have for yourself?

Intimate to Big Fat: Different Kinds of Weddings You Can Choose From

by Divya Arora

Intimate to Big Fat: Different Kinds of Weddings You Can Choose From