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Having a destination wedding in Mahabalipuram is a blissful experience. The heartwarming scene of sacred ancient temples and the soothing melody of waves will make your big day even more special. As you and your partner tie the knot in the beautiful city of Mahabalipuram, you'll find yourself immersed in a love and blessings-filled adventure that creates cherished memories for a lifetime. With that being said, let's start planning your destination wedding in Mahabalipuram!

Destination Wedding Guide In Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a lovely town located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is abundant in beautiful temples and serene beaches. Mahabalipuram is one of the best destination wedding locations in India. With warm hospitality, breathtaking vistas, and timeless charm, this lovely city invites you to celebrate your union in a setting that is as unique as your love.

Cost Of A Destination Wedding In Mahabalipuram

A destination wedding in Mahabalipuram for 50 guests could range from approximately ₹20,00,000 to ₹60,00,000 or more. Here's a rough estimate of the cost for a destination wedding in Mamallapuram for around 50 guests. Remember that these costs can vary depending on various factors. So, make sure to get in touch with each vendor to get the right quotation. 

  • Venue: ₹3,50,000 to ₹10,50,000
  • Accommodation: ₹7,50,000 to ₹15,00,000
  • Catering: ₹2,50,000 to ₹7,50,000
  • Decorations: ₹2,50,000 to ₹10,00,000
  • Entertainment: ₹75,000 to ₹3,75,000
  • Photography and Videography: ₹2,25,000 to ₹7,50,000
  • Transportation: ₹1,00,000 to ₹2,50,000
  • Miscellaneous: ₹1,00,000 to ₹2,00,000

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Top 9 Wedding Venues In Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is brimming with pretty and luxurious wedding venues. Here are the top nine wedding venues in Mahabalipuram that offer a beautiful background for your special day!

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay

This resort offers a picturesque setting with lush gardens, stunning views of the Bay of Bengal, and elegant banquet halls. It features luxurious accommodation options, a spa, and various recreational activities for guests.

Source Booking

Chariot Beach Resort

Known for its sprawling landscaped gardens, private beach access, and spacious banquet halls, Chariot Beach Resort provides a serene and picturesque backdrop for weddings. The resort also offers comfortable accommodation options and recreational facilities.

Ideal Beach Resort

Nestled amidst palm-fringed gardens and overlooking the sea, Ideal Beach Resort offers a tranquil ambience for weddings. The resort features well-appointed rooms, a swimming pool, and indoor and outdoor dining options.

Mamalla Beach Resort

Set amidst coconut groves and overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Mamalla Beach Resort provides a serene and scenic setting for weddings. The resort offers comfortable accommodations, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and recreational activities.

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InterContinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort

This luxury resort blends contemporary design with traditional architecture, offering elegant indoor and outdoor venues for weddings. It features luxurious rooms and suites, a spa, multiple dining options, and recreational facilities.

Source IHJ

Blue Bay Beach Resort

Situated along the pristine shoreline of Mahabalipuram, Blue Bay Beach Resort offers a tranquil setting for weddings. The resort features spacious banquet halls, comfortable accommodation options, and a beachfront restaurant.

Silversands Beach Resort

Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the sea, Silversands Beach Resort provides a peaceful setting for weddings. The resort offers comfortable accommodations, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving local and international cuisine.

Source Agoda

Golden Sun Hotel & Beach Resort

Located close to Mahabalipuram Beach, Golden Sun Hotel & Beach Resort offers a relaxed setting for weddings. The resort features spacious banquet halls, comfortable rooms, and a beachfront restaurant.

Sea Breeze Hotel

Situated near Mahabalipuram Beach, Sea Breeze Hotel offers a cosy and intimate setting for weddings. The hotel features well-appointed rooms, a swimming pool, and a restaurant serving delectable dishes.

Source Agoda

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Unique Elements To Include In Your Destination Wedding In Mahabalipuram

Infusing Tamil traditions into the ceremony and celebration adds depth and authenticity to the experience, making every moment unforgettable. Here are some unique elements couples can incorporate into their destination wedding in Mahabalipuram: 

Embrace Tradition

Honor Tamil Nadu's rich heritage with a traditional "Haldi" ceremony, symbolizing beauty and auspiciousness as you prepare to embark on your journey together.

Seek Blessings

Pay homage to the sacredness of Mahabalipuram's ancient temples as you exchange vows, embracing the timeless traditions and spiritual significance of the surroundings.

Savour the Flavors

Delight in the culinary delights of South India, where every dish is a testament to the region's vibrant culture and rich culinary heritage, inviting guests to experience the flavours of the land.

Source Pinterest

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Cultural Rhythms

Dance to the rhythmic beats of traditional South Indian music, celebrating the joy and unity of your union in harmony with the cultural melodies that have echoed through generations.

Beachside Serenity

Find serenity and peace amidst the natural beauty of Mahabalipuram's beaches, where the gentle waves and starlit skies create a tranquil backdrop for moments of love and togetherness.

Sacred Rituals

Honour the sanctity of your union with sacred wedding rituals deeply rooted in Tamil tradition, guided by the blessings of the divine and the wisdom of ancient customs.

Handcrafted Elegance

Adorn your celebration with the exquisite craftsmanship of local artisans, whose creations embody the cultural richness and artistic legacy of Mahabalipuram, adding a touch of elegance and reverence to your wedding.

Heritage Exploration

Invite your wedding guests to explore the storied past of Mahabalipuram's ancient monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites, allowing them to connect with the spirituality and history of the land.

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Final Words

As you embark on the journey of planning your destination wedding in Mahabalipuram, remember to embrace the rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that this enchanting destination has to offer. From exchanging vows amidst ancient temples to savouring the flavours of South Indian cuisine, each moment promises to be infused with love, joy, and cherished memories. 


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#WBWedInIndia: Here's Your Guide To Destination Wedding In Mahabalipuram!

by Pratiksha Pandey

#WBWedInIndia: Here's Your Guide To Destination Wedding In Mahabalipuram!