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Indian weddings are all about the traditional glitz and glamour with the right touch of lavish decor. With vividly colourful celebrations highlighting every function, it is an emboldened fact that anyone who witnesses Indian weddings is left mesmerized. And if there is one thing that everyone recalls from an Indian wedding, then it's the decor. 

While 2019 saw a surge in peppy and floral decorations for both day and night functions, we've also witnessed some couples that went with something more offbeat and opted for darker colour palettes. Whether in the form of dark coloured roses and foliage adorning archways or flowing background draperies in dark hues, dark colour decor has become an essential part of Indian weddings. Bolder colours provide a more grandiose and avant grade experience to the guests, something which may be rare yet memorable. 

In fact, incorporating dark decor into a winter wedding is a must. Given that they make people feel warm and cosy while adding a classy touch to the occasion, elements of dark coloured decor can enhance any wedding party. 

So, if you're looking to add elements of dark decor into your upcoming winter wedding without going over the top, then scroll down below.

Dark Coloured Decor Ideas For A Winter Wedding

1. If you're a fan of regal shades of maroon, paired with the right amount of beige set up in an Arabian way, then this is the perfect decor for your couple's stage.

2. Looking to add a dash of glamour to your sangeet stage? Set it up with a dark teal background and spray on some quirky laser lights!

3. There's nothing like a striking contrast of dark and light colours, especially when they're done up with flowers. And who wouldn't want this gorgeously grand chandelier in their ensemble?

4. We've seen some pretty impressive decor this year. However, nothing beats this beautiful wall of deep red flowers with dark green foliage for the perfect photo session.

5. Every wedding deserves a grand entrance. And we suggest you get one that is as magnificent as this floral beauty. 

6. If you're a die-hard Bollywood fan, then your sangeet should be as lit as the stars! Add props and backdrops that emphasise your filmy love story.

7. Royal chandeliers, embellished tapestries, maroons draperies and much more! Every winter Indian wedding deserves a cosy yet galant decor like this.

Source Tanvi & Co.

8. In winter weddings, every peg counts and so does your bar decor. Choose to style your bar in a quirky way with dark hues that sit well with not just your theme but your personality as well. 

9. Speaking of contrast, choose brightly lit chandeliers with dark rosy backdrops to illuminate your evening functions more than usual. 

10. This bronze and black decor with off white flowers has us head over heels with its eye-pleasing aesthetics.

11. You can never go wrong with an entry pathway that has black archways and bright yellow flowers with beaming intricate fairy lights! 

12. A natural and rustic mandap decor that accommodates clusters of flowers, green leaves and branches ornamented together is the best way to mix dark and light hues together for an outdoor winter wedding. 

13. This particularly snazzy pink and black sangeet stage decor is one to try out if you'd like to add a bit of contemporary magic to your 'oh-so-traditional' wedding festivities. 

14. For day time functions, choose a place that is already constructed with darker hues in their colour story, so that lighter colours (like this baby pink), can sit well when you go in for something minimal yet attractive. 

15. If you're having a beachside wedding, then an outdoor evening function by the ocean is a must with rustic decor and fairy lights that will look chic and dreamy.

16. This indoor evening decor is a flawless combination of contemporary chandeliers, dark blue and gold draperies with hints of yellow for a large gathering. 

17. Outdoor winter weddings are all things beautiful. And if you're someone going in for a minimal yet spectacular mandap decor, then flowers in deeper hues of purple, red or even blue can work as a brilliant final touch. 

18. For white weddings gracing us this winter, an exquisite alter design, embroidered with plum and periwinkle purple flowers will give off the ultimate 'decor goals' vibes. 

19. A mix of regal with contemporary elements, this Prussian blue and gold decor is ideal for indoor functions that you have planned for your upcoming winter wedding.

Source Pinterest

20. This splendid red decor has won us over with its melange of fresh and modernistic archway designs, coupled with the stage to give off an elegant yet futuristic vibe. 

21. When going in for darker hues of colour in your decor, pairing them with metallics is always a good idea, like this royal blue table cloth decorated with a golden centrepiece. 

22. Elements of dark decor always showcase a subtle luxury which leaves an everlasting impression on your guests who enjoy such nuanced features in wedding decor. 


Did you find suitable elements of dark decor for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

19+ Fabulous Dark Colour Decor Ideas To Embellish Your Winter Wedding

by Shivani Singh

19+ Fabulous Dark Colour Decor Ideas To Embellish Your Winter Wedding